Playing dead: McFarlane Toys to release 'Walking Dead' figures

According to Comics Alliance, Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead will be turned into an action figure series courtesy of Spawn creator (and Kirkman's Haunt co-collaborator) Todd McFarlane. But which version of Dead will be represented in toy form starting next September, for $16 each: the comic book or the TV series? Well, both.

The first series of fully-articulated, 6" figures will come from the funny books and include Officer Frank Grimes and fan-favorite, sword-wielding Michonne, along with two zombies. The second series, based on the TV series and to be released in Nov. 2011, will include actor Andrew Lincoln's Deputy Frank Grimes, Daryl Dixon and two more zombies.

Here's McFarlane Toys' first taste of the undead eaters.


Anonymous said...

I stopped buying McFarlane when his figures started to try and defy the world of physics. Most of the later ones wouldn't even stand up. However the man does incredible work in plastics. I'd be interested to see them and who could hate having a Rick figure on his desk? =)