Bigfoot sues New Hampshire with ACLU help

Remember the 2009 video (see below) when alleged sightings of “bigfoot” turned out to be an impersonator? 

According to Irish Central, that man, filmmaker and artist Jonathan Doyle, was banned from the state park and now believes his rights have been violated - and the ACLU agrees.

Doyle dressed up as Bigfoot and strutted around New Hampshire’s Monadnock Mountain. This put onlookers in uproar, thinking they finally captured a glimpse of the legendary beast, but of course, it was a hoax. After interviewing the onlookers, he found that people enjoyed his disguise and his humorous performances.

When Doyle tried to return to the same mountain last year, the park’s manager did not allow him admittance. Doyle was told that he needed to obtain a permit in order to film in the park again.

Doyle decided to take this issue to court, as he believes that needing to obtain a permit violates his right to freedom of speech and expression, and is backed by the American Civil Liberties Union.

-Jen Danczak