Happy Birthday Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini is one of my heroes. He is also a main inspirations which led to me launching the Paranormal Pop Culture movement (which I did just a short time before taking this photo at his grave in Queens, NY, a few years back). Houdini was a showman and celebrity, but also a skeptic and personality within the paranormal field. Some thought Houdini's mastery as an escape artist was due to true "magic," but instead of encouraging those rumors (and being a publicist's dream), the "Handcuff King" instead became known for debunking fraudulent mediums and those who would wish to prey upon susceptible believers. He wanted to believe in the paranormal so desperately, but needed more proof.  His curiosity and exploration led to him becoming "frenemies" with paranormal proponent Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Houdini used his fame as a means to explore and expose the paranormal community. As a result, he is something of a patron saint of ParanormalPopCulture.com. Happy Birthday, Harry.