Spain experiences 'Paranormal Xperience: 3D'

After we reported about the much-hyped Atrocious in January, Spain is continuing to step up their game in the paranormal world by releasing a 3D psychological horror film, Paranormal Xperience: 3D, according to DreadCentral (via Variety)

Written by newcomer Daniel Padro, IMDB states Xperience is about a group of teen students (starring Amaia Salamanca and Maxi Iglesias) who 'Xperience the fear' by visiting an abandoned town to investigate paranormal phenomena. They end up getting hunted by a mad doctor doing so. Targeting the youth market, this is the country's first 3D film in the paranormal genre. Filmmakers hope to truly scare the crowd as 3D makes images more realistic.

Co-produced and co-financed by Sony, Paranormal Xperience: 3D is in pre-production with shooting beginning this spring in Barcelona. Expect to see it in Spanish theatres around late 2011 to early 2012.

- Jen Danczak