'Ghost Hunters' Amy Bruni on haunted 'Vampire Diaries' set

If it's one thing vampires and werewolves hate dealing with, it's ghosts (unless you're from the show Being Human), so it should come as no surprise the cast of The Vampire Diaries may be a little spooked to have a spectral fan hanging around their set.

As reported by E! Online's Drusilla Moorhouse (who also happens to be a friend of PPC), the CW show filmed at Gaither Plantation in Covington, Ga. - the same Gaither Plantation Syfy's Ghost Hunters investigated in 2009.

Star Nina Dobrev reports odd occurrences on set, such as a phantom piano playing, bathroom light switching on and off on their own, and a "weird feeling" shared by the entire crew.

Moorhouse also interviews Ghost Hunters' Amy Bruni who shares that the TAPS team concluded the location was haunted after capturing footage of a cabinet opening on its own.  Additionally, Bruni says the team discovered footprints in a layer of baking flour left on the ground (an old-school ghost hunting method) and heard disembodied footsteps.

"It could be what we consider a residual haunt," says Bruni. "Something that doesn't necessarily interact with you but it kind of does things—goes through the motions."

Whatever the case, the Vampire cast hasn't gone back to the plantation since the shoot.