Holzer's Haunted History

Hans Holzer was a renowned paranormal researcher and journalist who wrote more than 140 books. He was a mainstream success within paranormal pop culture, as well as with the dedicated community. After he passed away, his daughter Alexandra took up the mantle and continues to follow in her father's footsteps. This recurring feature written by Alexandra explores the work of both Holzers and provides insight into their unique relationship as First and second generation paranormalists blazing a ghostly trail for the past, present and future in science and metaphysics."

"Break the rules in life because you never know if you'll get stuck like a ghost!" - Alexandra Holzer

Hans and Alexandra reading each other's books
Last week I gave a quote from my father, so now it's my turn (I suppose I'll be alternating as I'm winging this). My father said he sometimes preferred ghosts over people. I concur, especially in today's paranormal community where it seems tact, respect and intelligence is quite lacking. But the story behind my above quote is this: Father referred to ghosts as confused disembodied souls lingering about, and said how they passed would determine where they would end up.

"We must respect ghosts," father would say as "they were once us." It is one thing to have a conversation with
 one but to get into an argument is a waste of precious communicative time, effort and is just plain rude.

Today, many paranormal investigators take a different approach: Rude seems to be their approach. This often is a result of two main things, an over reliance on technology and a lack of knowledge or research.

For many reasons, father didn't approve of much modern technology, and would have nothing to do with it. His choice had to do with good old-fashion manners, respect and the appreciation of life - and life after death.  The more you rely on gadgets, the more you cut yourself off of the experience and run the risk of being rude and alienating your ghost friends. It's like picking up the phone and texting during a dinner conversation; can you really be engaged both with the discussion and phone?

Also, father's books explored all realms of the unknown, including the "other side" (a term he coined and popularized), the occult and healing. One must be scholared properly in the paranormal to call themselves a true investigator, even if one's expertise lies within just a few areas. The more you know, the better prepared you'll be. Read! Pick up books, browse good sites on the Internet and talk to people whose work precedes them.

Basically, this comes down to being "old school." That's what I advise for investigators, and what my father would suggest.