Ask Dr. Spectre: Health tips for paranormal hunters

Holistic healthcare practitioner and paranormal investigator Frank Cinelli aka "Dr. Spectre" joins us on occasion to offer advice about how to remain in a prime paranormal investigative state for the most healthy hunts. If you've questions for the good doc, send them to and reach out to him on Twitter @DrSpectre.*
(*The Fine Print: cannot validate claims made by the columnist. Before taking any advice offered by the columnist, you should consult your physician)

Q: "Are there certain nutrients you are robbed of, or exhausted of, when you are investigating? Are they drained from spirit interaction or the machinery you use? Is there a greater toll on the body if the spirits are more active, or if there are more encounters of various spirits?" - Trish, Pennsylvania

Dr. Spectre: Trish, those are great questions. Spirit interaction takes its toll on the body by draining your "electric." What this does is it triggers your body’s defense mechanism allowing production of your stress hormones, and that is why when you have an extra close encounter with an entity your heart rate increases and you feel more energized - before you crash. This higher functioning of the body depletes you of B vitamins among others, but most specifically B12 (the structure of which is shown here). The more active the spirits, the more potential for being drained there is.