'Ghost Hunters' Hawaii sneak peek

As you probably heard, Ghost Hunters are kicking off their summer season tonight at 8 p.m. with an hourlong investigation of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. To tease the event a little, we thought we'd share a couple images Grant Wilson sent our way.

The first is the control tower of Pearl Harbor, which Wilson tells us was "untouched since the attack."

The second, is of Hangar 79. Wilson says look closely and, "you can see the bullet holes in the windows from the Japanese Zero planes strafing the building."

Also, an interesting fact about the GH Hawaii episodes (which also include some guests like Josh Gates): They were being filmed during the tragic Japanese eathquake and tsunami last March. The TAPS crew actually was on alert, and had to take cover in an old Frito-Lay factory during the initial tsunami warning, when Hawaii appeared to be in danger.