'L.A. Paranormal' teaser: Hollywood, meet your new ghost hunters

No matter how much paranormal investigative purists want to disagree, ghost hunting is great fodder for scripted entertainment.

As it stands, Paranormal Activity, Death of a Ghost Hunter, Ghosts Don't Exist and, most recently, Grave Encounters have played off the fascination with nightvision cams and the "did you hear that?" world popularized by Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and other reality-TV ghost shows.

Now, we're seeing the next step in the paranormal pop culture evolution of the reality shows: Comedy. Already Syfy is working on In The Dark, a comedy about an inept family of paranormal investigators. But the teaser for the new Web series L.A. Paranormal (embedded below for your amusment) is a whole other breed of supernatural entertainment.

According to the site, the series, which premieres Aug. 23, "follows the ups and downs of a Los Angeles based team of paranormal investigators." The group is led by a third generation ghost hunter, his old college roommate, a tech wizard and a British medium/TV personality.

Based on the hilarious teaser, the show promises to be a savvy show that highlights the eccentricity of paranormal investigations, set in the already eccentric city of Los Angeles. It seems to blend the comedy sensibilities of The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm with the reality-TV ghost hunters, and if the episodes are as good as the teaser, L.A. Paranormal might be primed to be a hit.