Paranormal Summer: Video game preview


Summer is a great time for new releases, and video games are no exception. Here are a couple paranormal themed ones set to release through out these warmer months.

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean
Disney Interactive Studios
(Available now)

In one of many games from the Lego franchise, this installment tells the stories of the four Pirates films and features over 70 characters from the popular franchise - including undead crewmen, sweet but scary mermaids and, of course, your favorite savvy pirate Jack Sparrow.

(Available now)

In this third person single-player action game you play as Thor and are put through many battles and different worlds in order to save Asgard. The game deviates slightly from the film, but has some additional goodies.

(Xbox 360: June 14, PS3: Sept.)

Child of Eden, a sequel to Rez, is a motion-controlled game in which your playable character's objective is to save Project Lumi from a virus attack so it can be completed. If completed, Project Lumi will reproduce an artificial intelligence in Eden.

2K Games
(June 14)

Duke Nukem Forever is the long-awaited sequel to the 1996 sci-fi first-person shooter game. In the sequel, aliens have returned once again to ruin Duke's day and it's his duty and to save Earth one alien at a time.

Warner Bros.
(June 21)

The third installment of the F.E.A.R. franchise takes place nine months after the original. As in all the games, we follow the crazy story of Point Man and his F.E.A.R. squad which battles supernatural menaces. This time, along with his recently back-from-the-dead brother Paxton, the team faces off against ghosts and ghouls and must find what's come of Fairport and the allegiance.

2K Games
(June 21)

This story follows Garcia Hotspur on a quest to save his girlfriend who was kidnapped by demonic creatures. Along the way he will have to fight gruesome battles against some of hell's most twisted demonic forces in this light vs. darkness third person shooter.

(July 26)

In the new survival horror you play as Vincent Brooks, a man struggling in his five-year relationship with girlfriend Katherine. At a bar one night he unexpectedly finds himself running into another woman named "Catherine" who he falls for and almost immediately starts having nightmares about - which he thinks are linked to recent neighborhood casualties. In the end he must survive however possible but will have to choose between Katherine or Catherine.

Dead Island
Deep Silver
(Sept 6)

It might seem like a serene environment and the perfect getaway, but in this open world first person melee, a sudden mysterious zombie outbreak occurs and your goal is to survive on the tropical trap.

And a glimpse ahead to the Fall ...

The Darkness 2
Electronic Arts
(Oct. 04)

In this sequel to the comic book-based game, it's two years after the original about a hitman with supernatural powers. An unexpected failed attempt on Jackie's life releases his bottled-up supernatural rage and sets him on a journey to hell, unraveling the secrets behind "The Darkness" as we know it.