Max Brooks talks 'Deadliest Warrior,' 'World War Z' film

Without Max Brooks, there would likely be no zombie genre resurrection. Amongst other Generation-Zed trailblazers like Robert Kirkman, Simon Pegg, Zack Snyder and Danny Boyle, the author of the Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z is the head of the modern undead pack. We've previously spoken with Max, but caught up with him at San Diego Comic-Con International to discuss the big budget World War Z production starring Brad Pitt (making it the biggest buzz zombie flick ever, perhaps) and about his Spike TV special Deadliest Warrior: Vampires vs. Zombies, which airs this summer.

Check out our interview with Max below, but don't forget to read our own Paranormal Pop Culture take on movie zombies vs. vampires, which we covered last October. Yeah, we were forward thinking with our apocalyptic showdown scenarios.