'American Horror Story' promo shows family, more cool creepiness

For about a week I've been ravenously devouring each new clip for FX's upcoming series American Horror Story. The show from Ryan Murphy (creator of Glee and Nip/Tuck) is about, well ... something haunted. The fine folks at FX are teasing the press as much as audiences with multiple YouTube "clues" that feature disturbing imagery.

Yet each little tease only serves to make me want to see this show even more. The latest clip, called "Family Portrait" and embedded below (along with , is the first to show us the Harmon family. It appears to give us a glimpse into the relationships between the main characters of the family. Speaking of whom, aside from the neo-Gothic, creepy vibe of the promos, the most info I've gleaned about the show has come from Linda Holmes' NPR blog entry:
[The Harmons] got plenty of family problems, but their newest one is that they have moved into a straight-up haunted house. And it's not pleasantly haunted by friendly ghosts that look like Casper, either. It's haunted by demon-y looking things, and it may possibly cause you to hallucinate, and it has a history of not just spooking but downright ... well, devouring the people who live in it.
I'll be screening the show next week, but right now, I'm giddy with anticipation. Giddy! I'm not-so-secretly hoping for a Twin Peaks meets Rosemary's Baby of a show. And if AHS can bring solid spooks to TV, I'm so there.