'American Horror Story' house call: Better than 'Scare Tactics'?

It's super morbid, I know. But there is just something so enjoyable watching people get terrified by harmless pranks. I have spent hours on YouTube watching clips of people concentrating on a computer game or idyllic scene only to see them leap three feet in the air when Linda Blair's Exorcist face pops up. It's also why Scare Tactics is a stupid pleasure.

But to promote the new American Horror Story on FX, the show is upping the weird ante. Instead of a classic ghost or zombie, the "American Horror Story House Call" (embedded below) sneaks the creepy latex man into people's home to make them lose their s#!+. What really makes the scenes work is that when the victims encounter him standing over them, silently, you can imagine what's going through their head: "Is this a ghost or The Gimp from Pulp Fiction?" Either way, for a brief second, these victims start to clinch and think they're about to have a painful end.

Check out the House Call below, and sign up your own friends and family for a visit at the AHS House Call site.