'Paranormal Challenge' USS Hornet


Although ParanormalPopCulture.com doesn't normally write recaps for reality-TV shows, this week's episode of Paranormal Challenge was especially noteworthy due to the unique evidence found by one of the teams.

Bagans and judges Nichols, Schrader, Harris
The game show's investigation took place aboard the U.S.S. Hornet, a WWII naval ship docked in Alameda, Calif.. Two teams S.R.I.P ( Spirit Realm Investigative Project) and Soul Seekers battled it out for the ultimate bragging rights in front of host Zak Bagans and judges Dave Schrader, Dr. Andrew Nichols and scream queen Danielle Harris.

Per usual, Zak gave the competing teams selected equipment and sent them to different zones of the ship to begin their hunt. Team Soul Seekers began in the brig, where team member Allan noticed movement in one of the cells. Lead Investigator Dante took charge and used the technique of shouting orders to the spirits to make themselves known. Shortly after this the team started feeling a energy around them, and reported goosebumps.

At the same time team S.R.I.P, who are in the Sick Bay, experienced the same reaction. Team leader Leeanna asked for a sign from the spirits and received a response through the Mel Meter - the device they said was very active for them throughout the night. The most impressive of these was when they entered the Forward Berthing area they said they and noticed an imprint on one of the bunks, as if someone was laying in it. Later S.R.I.P. was trying to communicate with a spirit of a soldier who had hung himself. In an emotional, brave leap to gain proof of the other side, Leeanna shared her story on how she lost her son the same way.

However, it was Soul Seekers that seemed to have the most compelling interaction. During a Mel session in the Medical Treatment Room, the team was picking up beeps on the meter that resembled Morse Code.

Danielle Harris
Bagans sounded the siren for the investigation to come to a end, and the teams presented their evidence to the judges. S.R.I.P. presented two audio clips: the first was a man's voice, and the team thought it was saying "you got me cornered" or "you got me covered." Harris agreed she could hear a voice and thought it was saying, "you got me covered." But Nichols said he could also hear a voice but found it inconclusive. Their second EVP was captured in the Mess Hall during Leeanna's solo. Bagans seemed to have his doubts when he asked Leeanna how sure she was that this was not her voice. Leeanna said she was positive, but Harris and Schrader seemed to also think it was her speaking. For their visual evidence, the team showed a video clip of one of their Mel Meter hits. Zak suggested that more intelligent reactions from the meter should have been used, but the team blamed time restrictions for not be able to show those clips.

Soul Seekers then presented their evidence. Their first audio clip was from the Sick Bay when the team asked, "Do you need help?" At this time, the Mel Meter sounded and the team captured a voice that seemed to be saying "yes" or "help."  Their second audio was of the Morse Code sounds coming from the Mel Meter. Curious, Bagans the ships historical director who contacted a radio engineer who specializes in ship-to-shore Morse Code.

As it happens, they could make out the message in letters WNCCNWREE. What's remarkable is that during WWII, when communicating with another ship, messages were encrypted. "United States" always started with a "W," "N," or "K" and always had triple or double digits;  "CC" and "EE" reflected that.

It was a chilling discovery and the judges were blown away by this form of communication from the other side. For their visual evidence, they showed a video clip from the Ready Room. They placed a flashlight on a table, and asked for it to be turned on and the flashlight came on. They also asked for it to be turned off, and again it responded and turned off.

 The judges deliberated, going over all of the factors, and came to a decision. Due to the compelling Mores Code evidence - which the judges agreed hands-down that was some of the best evidence they'd seen - Soul Seekers were named the winners of the Paranormal Challenge.