Hulk Hogan on his big life, afterlife and Micro Championship Wrestling

Hulk Hogan with MCW wrestlers Jess & Demo
If you're not watching Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling on truTV (Weds at 10 p.m. ET), you're missing out on seeing the wrestling icon provide advice and guidance to "little wrestlers" on the new reality show.

Of course, you're also missing out on seeing Hogan do his Hulkster thing. Started by former wrestler Johnny Greene, the Micro Championship Wrestling (MCW) league is meant to be a serious pursuit but member infighting and conflict has been getting in the way. That's where Hogan comes in; he intends to rebuild the league from scratch by offering training and taking the wrestlers on a six-state tour under his banner.

Although the show's tagline promises "half the size, twice the violence" (a claim that doesn't disappoint), Hogan says the show is not an exploitative "jackass"-style program. Instead of taking cheap shots at the "little wrestlers," Micro Championship Wrestling focuses on the drama of real people with actual problems and a dream to wrestle professionally.

In the audio interview (embedded below) with Aaron Sagers, Hogan talks about how the show goes beyond circus sideshow antics, and opens up about how the wrestlers not only inspired him, but brought up memories of his own successes in failures. Finally, Hogan discusses his own paranormal beliefs and recounts a touching tale that involved his dead father.