Max Brooks tours the CDC, becomes even more frightened of zombies

We just checked in with zombie survival master Max Brooks to chat about some upcoming projects (stay tuned for more on that in the coming days), but wanted to share what he was doing right as contacted him:

“When you called, I was just meeting with Dr. Khan of the CDC. I was just having a tour of the CDC and didn’t realize how close I hit the mark in World War Z. And I’m probably not going to sleep tonight.”

“The whole point of World War Z was that it was a very containable outbreak but because of our own stupidity, we screwed it up. Just because of human foibles, and bureaucracy and politics, or whatever. Then I meet Dr. Kahn and he’s telling me about his funding being cut, and all the viruses that are making comebacks because they just don’t have the money. Oh my god. He’s like, ‘Yeah, you really nailed it.’ And I’m like, ‘Oh great, thanks' … it was really scary.”

Freaky stuff, right?