Alien skull discovered in Peru? Probably not

This is a mummified alien skull. No, it is not just the noggin of a deformed child (or Helen Hunt), but a legit alien skull. How can we be so sure? Science tells us so.

Yahoo! News reports that a Peruvian anthropologist found the "triangle shaped" skull with a 20-inch body, and that news site RPP interviewed five anonymous Spanish and Russian doctors who pointed to the stars instead of some seriously messed-up human DNA.

According to RPP:
It has a non-human appearance because the head is triangular and big, almost the same size as the body. At first we believed it to be a child's body until Spanish and Russian doctors came and confirmed that, yes, it's an extraterrestrial being.
Well, we have all been hoping for some really conclusive evidence of alien life for some time now, so we might as well take the word of anonymous "doctors." Let's just chalk it up to an early Thanksgiving treat. Although we here are thinking one of those docs must actually be named Zoidberg based on their extensive knowledge of human anatomy.

(Note to collective self: Add "Have you ever declared deformed skeletal remains as alien?" to healthcare professional questionnaire.)