New ad show Doritos battling zombies

To start building hype for Super Bowl, Doritos is hosting a competition where fans can create advertisements which then have the potential of being shown during the big game (alongside The Lonely Island guys) and a chance to win a cool (ranch) million. Not too shabby, right?

Well, at least one fan - which is technically Eventide Visuals videography from Chico, Calif. - has hit on a paranormal approach to game day. Tapping into the football zombies, the company created the following ad, "Day of the Doritos," where the cure for the undead is not more cowbell, but the flavorful chip. The zombie apocalypse has a chance to be resolved - except one selfish Dorito fan realizes that, despite the '90s slogan, if he shares and let's the afflicted crunch all they want, they will not actually make more in the desolate wasteland.