Paranormal Pop Culture Gift Guide

By Paul Bradford, Erin Lilley, Amanda Poole, Denise Purvis, Amanda Rosenblatt, Aaron Sagers, Thomas Smith, Erin Wolf It can be an unexplainably tough job to shop for paranormal fans. What to get the zombie, vampire, ghost and monster lovers in your life and afterlife? This is especially difficult when you want to go beyond the norm and find some creative, lesser-known goodies to give out. But you're in luck because the cadre of Paranormal Pop Culture contributors have investigated the marketplace with some suggestions for the best of para-gifts, broken down by the essentials: Ghosts, Vampires, Zombies, Monsters. And if you have more suggestions, don't hesitate to send them in!

Coffee Shop of Horrors
Just like a good scary movie, these from the Central Florida-based coffee maker is dedicated to keeping you up at night - which is a must if you're an investigator. Whether it is the Graveyard Shift Mocha Java (50% Ethiopian Mocha and 50% Indonesian Java medium-bodied with chocolatey flavor), Roastbusters (blend of dark roasted Latin American coffees), Burial Grounds (blend of dark roasted Latin American, African, and Indonesian coffees), and more paranormal-themed roasts, Coffee Shop of Horrors delivers scary good quality with awesome graphic design and a sense of humor. Our faves? Ichabod's Dame Pumpkin Spice and Zombie Dirt Espresso. You can also pick up some cool tees if you don't drink the java. $8.99 for 1/2-pound bags, $16.98 for one-pound. - Aaron Sagers

Boomstick T-Shirt
When fighting demons, ghosts and mini versions of yourself, it's important to drink up some Boomstick Double Stout, brewed by the Deadite Brewing Co. Even though the drink inspired by Evil Dead and Army of Darkness doesn't actually exist, the tee for it does - and you just know it's the kind of brew Ash would be drinking with his left non-chainsaw hand. Even if you're not an Evil Dead fan, the 100% cotton shirt is designed by, a company that delivers some of the cleverest horror/sci-fi/pop-culture tees (and they always have a buy 3, get one free deal). We also love their I Believe and Cthulu 2012 shirts. $15 - Aaron Sagers

The Shining Laptop Case
Trying to write the great American novel pushed Jack Torrance over the edge in Stephen King's classic, The Shining - and that was before the days of computer crashes, power surges and accidentally-deleted files. Show support for the favorite writer in your life with this vegan-friendly, faux leather laptop case, embossed with a typewriter bearing the iconic phrase, "All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy." Then, lock up all the sharp objects and get out of the house. You know, just in case. $36 - Erin Lilley

Ghostbusters Ghost Trap

Last October Mattel released the official Ghostbusters Ghost Trap prop replica to complement last year's PKE Meter replic. There are homemade replicas out there, but this baby is fantastic. The trap has two modes, "prop" and "movie," where the doors open and and the trap lights up when you step on the pedal. Lights blink once a ghost is detained. The movie mode adds some sound effects with more of a light show, and the trap shakes after the ghost is trapped. It even has a couple of interchangeable features in case you want the trap from the original Ghostbusters movie or the sequel. The Matty Collector exclusive trap sold out within hours of taking pre-orders so eBay is the best bet and will cost anything from $180 to $250. - Paul Bradford 

Called for Help T-shirt
If anyone has a ghost problem, it's Pacman, and he finally called in some backup. Now he'll have no obstacles between him and his floating fruit. The only question is why hasn’t he thought of calling the Ghostbusters before? Mrs. Pacman had something to do with this. $19.99-22.99 - Erin Wolf
Terror Behind the Walls Guard Patch With this exact replica of the patch worn by Terror Behind the Walls prison guards from haunted Eastern State Penitentiary, you too can boss around a few unruly prisoners and scare the living daylights out of your more skittish friends. $5.00 ($4.00 each + $1.00 for S&H) - Erin Wolf
Caretakers do it in the dirt. That is, they dig in the dirt. What did you think it meant? Be the talk of the breakroom while you relive all of the action and adventure of the indie supernatural-comedy The Night Shift with this beautifully detailed prop replica, featuring artwork direct from the movie! Dishwasher and microwave safe, and perfect for filling with coffee strong enough to wake the dead. $13.99 - Erin Lilley

Stay Puft Caffeinated Marshmallows
Think of something harmless from your childhood - something that could never, ever possibly destroy you - and you just might think of Mr. Stay Puft. Before they were co-opted by Gozer as a form of the destructor, Stay Puft Marshmallows were simply a tasty treat (and very big in Sumeria). Now they're back, and with a jolt of caffeine, in a 24-count collector box. They are perfect for roasting by the fire at Camp Wakanda, or for watching the world end. $17.99 - Aaron Sagers

Coffin Gift Boxes
Looking for a unique and different way to wrap presents this year? Or perhaps you don't want that certain someone figuring out what you got them. Well, keep them guessing with these coffin-shaped gift boxes. Maybe they'll be a little too afraid of what’s hiding inside and you'll get to keep the gift!
$16 for set of 3 - Amanda Poole
Tru Blood
Living the good (undead) life of a vampire, but trying to go vegan? Try sucking down some synthetic O-positive Tru Blood. If human blood is your favorite flavor, no worries. This is a carbonated "blood" orange-flavored beverage that'll leave you wanting more. If it's good enough Bon Temps' own Vampire Bill, it's good enough for you. $15.99 - Amanda Poole

Lil Vampire Pacifier
If you have reached the age where your friends and family have decided to procreate, you're left with a daunting task of buying baby and kids gifts. Luckily, there are options for little ghouls. For instance, these baby fangs do wonders for kids. Plus, if it makes the baby quiet, it’s even better. And it's cheap enough to fill a little pie hole and stuff in a stocking. $4.99 - Denise Purvis

Human Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion
If Tru Blood is too sanitized to quench your bloodlust, squeeze into this energy-boosting blood pack. Filled with caffeine, vitamins, proteins, iron and nutrients "similar to real blood," this treat is garlic free and comes with a fruit punch flavor. As an added bonus, it can be enjoyed cold or hot (instructions for heating to 98.6 degrees are included). $4.99 - Amanda Poole ZOMBIES
Day of the Dead Corset
KittyVamp Designs specializes in gothic styles that are original, finely-crafted products. Among the variety of items is this Day of the Dead corset featuring Bub, everyone's favorite sentient zombie. Detailed with white ruffled elastic around the chest and back with a sweetheart bust line - and a red polyester ribbon in the back - the corset is cool, sexy and paranormal. KittyVamp also has sweet A Nightmare of Elm Street and Night of the Living Dead mini-dresses. $39.99 - Aaron Sagers
Zombie Magnetic Poetry Kit Expand your magnetic vocabulary and talk about something truly important - zombies who eat/feast on tasty/chewy skin/brains. $11.99 - Erin Wolf

Zombie Slippers
Know what the walking dead like to eat right after brains? Feeeeeet! They’re exactly what they sound like: Comfy, gruesome zombies mouths that you can slip your feet into. Zombies go with everything. $19.99 - Denise Purvis
Oh No ... Zombies! Board Game Typical, you're in a small town when zombies have taken over. To survive, you need to make find a battery for your CB radio while trying to avoid the walkers (or attempting to draw shotgun cards to kill them). What makes the game unique is that the goals change if you're character is bitten and becomes a zombie. Then, it's all about eating your fellow players. $21.99 - Amanda Poole

RC Zombie
Braaaiinns! Unleash the walking dead, but keep them on a leash. This hungry, hungry zombie is on the move, but you're in total control. Use the brain-shaped remote control, and watch him shamble your way. Don’t be frightened if he starts moaning and groaning; that just means he likes you. $24.99 - Amanda Poole

Zombie Shooting Targets
Prepare yourself for the zomb-pocalypse by getting shooting skills in tip-top shape with these practice targets. You can choose between 4 different Zombies, and they come in a pack of 8. So when the brain eaters start rising from their graves, you’ll be ready and confident to make them dead all over again. But remember, only head shots count. $9.99/pack - Amanda Poole
Zombie Snack Bib
We hate to state the obvious here, but babies can’t run. Whereas humans are likely to order a Blooming Onion for an appetizer, zombies have limited options. $7.99 - Denise Purvis MONSTERS, MANIACS & MAGIC
Vincent Price Print Show an appreciation for the art of horror with an 8x10 portrait of the Master of the Macabre himself, Vincent Price. Inspired by Price's appearance in Tales of Terror, The print (matted on a 11X14 black mat) by ArtPusher Joel Robinson is gorgeous and as artistically crafted as anything you'd hang over your mantle - except cooler. If you prefer your masters of horror to be from the Pittsburgh area, don't miss Robinson's George A. Romero print. $15 - Aaron Sagers
Memoirs of a Monster Hunter Josh Gates, host of the traveling monster-hunting show, Destination Truth on Syfy, has lived a life many can only dream of. Not only has he visited close to 100 countries for his TV gig that's been on the air for more than four years, but his job involves hunting monsters and ghosts of local legends. "Memoirs of a Monster Hunter" follows the Explorer's Club member from his life changing Kilimanjaro climb to his first DT trek, and beyond. It's a touching, informative and, at times, hilarious read. $10.20 - Amanda Rosenblatt
Crystal Skull
Stare into its eyes to unlock the secrets of the universe! Or, failing that, this crystal skull makes a great paperweight. On the fringe of the paranormal community for decades, crystal skulls became engrained in pop culture for better or worse with the release of the last Indiana Jones adventure. Many variants exist, (with the classic Mitchell Hedges design available at the Indiana Jones shop in Disneyland). This skull has more in common with resin than crystal, but makes for a striking piece perfect for any paranormal enthusiast or pop culture fan. Price: $32.50 - Thomas Smith
Jersey Devil Expeditions Tees
Forget "pics or it didn't happen!" Everybody knows that no special event is complete without a souvenir t-shirt to commemorate the occasion. Make your loved one's next venture into the woods official with one of these Jersey Devil Expeditions t-shirts. 100% cotton and available in a variety of colors, these ringer tees are screenprinted with artist Jeff Bell's original artwork, created for Fighting Owl Films' latest motion picture project. $18.99 - Erin Lilley 
Technically there is nothing paranormal about this Danny O'Day doll (made famous by Jimmy Nelson). It's just a classic ventriloquist dummy for the pop-culture doll collector in the family - until you realize he's likely to possess the spirit of some maniac killer. And once you get over the creepiness factor, he just might grow on you. Or remain in your nightmares. Sleep Tight. $120 - Amanda Poole
Air Swimmer This Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Flying Shark has already been making the rounds at comic book conventions and is one of the coolest things out there. The Air Swimmer's body is made from a high-quality, durable nylon material that will stay inflated for weeks and can be refilled over and over again. Grab the infra-red remote and you can guide the shark up, down, and 360 degrees around in a smooth life like motion. Every week can be Shark Week with this baby, and it signals the next wave of cryptozoology. $27 - Paul Bradford
The Wizard’s Wand Universal Remote This magic wand doubles as a universal remote and can be programmed to control any electronic device with literally a flick of the wrist and proclaiming “presto chango.”  Okay, so you don’t have to say “presto chango” for the wand to work, but it sure is fun! The wand comes in a fabric-lined box and operates with 13 commands (or on 13 devices) $90 - Erin Wolf
Super Plantarium Bobbleheads and squeezy stress balls cluttering up your cramped cubicle? Why not grow some sprouts in a green crypto goo instead? Add a few dim light bulbs and some floating pig snouts and you too can transform your drab office into a laboratory even Gil Grissom would be proud of. Lab coat not included. $22.95 - Erin Wolf Kachina Doll – 13 Inch – Masked Wolf This kachina doll is called "Masked Wolf." In Indian tradition the "Wolf" represents the hunter, using his knowledge to find and capture game.  Kachina Dolls are not considered Gods, but spirit messengers thought to petition the Gods to help in all areas of American Indians way of life. $69.99 - Erin Wolf Invisible pen and invisible ink This invisible pen and ink set is the perfect combination gift for any Freemason looking to draw invisible treasure maps on the back of important historical documents. $29.95 - Erin Wolf LuminoGlow Lingerie: Lingerie that glows in the dark Glow in the Dark Lingerie is sure to spice up any dark bedroom this holiday season.  Let's just hope you don’t need natural sunlight to charge these fancy undies…I mean some of us have neighbors. $25.95-$59.95 - Erin Wolf