'7500' teaser promises all passengers will leave the jet plane - in body bags

After rolling out a 'first look' photo last week, CBS Films released a teaser of 7500, the terror in the not-so-friendly skies flick starring Ryan Kwanten.

Kwanten previously called 7500 (directed by Takashi Shimzu of The Grudge) a "haunted house movie on an airplane," but from the looks of it, it could be an invisible demon-y thing that wants to tear stuff - and flight attendants - up. Incidentally, this is why Samuel L. Jackson should be booked for every flight so he can get motherf---in' monsters off motherf---in' planes.

Anyhow, the teaser is appropriately creepy. The spooky version of John Denver's "Leaving on a Jet Plane" is a nice touch, even it does get old pretty quickly.

(via IGN)