'Ghost Hunters' recap: 'Ghost Coaster'


King's Island
To kick off their eighth season on air (after seven and a half years, and 170 episodes!), Syfy's Ghost Hunters found the TAPS team taking on their first amusement park, Kings Island in Mason, Ohio.

Before doors opened in 1972, the grounds once served as a munitions plant in the 1800s, but was destroyed by an explosion which nearly killed a hundred people and left people wondering if this caused 40 years of paranormal claims throughout the park. One claim seemed to stick out the most: The apparition of a little girl in a blue dress. A headstone in the cemetery nearby gives a clue that she may have been Missouri Jane, a 5 year-old from 1846.

Amy and Adam started off at the main ticketing gate in search of the little girl when they reported hearing the sound of footsteps. As they followed the sound, they ironically came to the park's haunted house attraction. The pair came across a few skeletons and ghouls, but no spirit of little Missouri Jane - but that didn't mean she her presence wasn't made known to the other investigators.

In fact, in the reveal, Jason and Grant played a few EVPs which sounds like a little girl trying to communicate. In one, you can hear her asking about her mom. So why does she still roam the park, and could this be Missouri Jane?

The second case of the night was located at the Antrim Family House in New Hampshire.

Karen Tatro, a reporter in the Antrim area, contacted TAPS in concern for her friend Crista and her two sons who live in a house built in 1793 which has its history in life and also death. Crista grew up in the house and had her first experience when she was only 7 years-old. Now her sons are beginning to have the same experiences; they claim to see a black mass walking past the hallway, see toys moving and hear disembodied sounds. Jason and Grant say they hear the noises themselves while walking down into the basement area. As they played back some audio from their digital recorder, a growling/snoring sound could be heard.

Amy and Adam then set up two flashlights in the same area (one for yes & one for no) in hopes to communicate with any spirits. Amy asked if any spirits there needed any help, then quickly one of the flashlights lit up for 'no.' Amy then proceeded to ask if they knew they were dead, and once again the flashlight lit up for no - which Amy interpreted as meaning they did need help after all. When Crista was presented with this evidence, she became emotional. She said she was worried at the fact that these spirits could be stuck, but also at the same time relieved that the spirits are not harmful - and she walked away a little more at ease sharing her house with the dead.

What did you think of the episode? Was it scary, how was the investigation? Did you believe the evidence?