'Paranormal Activity 4' in 2012

For the fourth year in a row, Paranormal Activity will be releasing a new installment this fall, reports Variety.

After the first film released by Paramount cost only $15,000 to make, and went on to make $193 million when it debuted in 2009, the "found footage" horror franchise about a haunted family has picked up $581 million in worldwide grosses. The third film released in October 2011 actually debuted to a $52.6 million weekend - the biggest opening for any film ever in October.

So yeah, it looks like as long as people keep showing up to see the PA films, Paramount will continue to churn them out. This latest paranormal pop culture flick joins Paramount's World War Z this year, which is the Brad Pitt vehicle adapted by Max Brooks' well-known zombie book.