'Ghost Hunters' promises shocking news

Hawes and Wilson, courtesy Syfy
If you were watching Ghost Hunters on Syfy last night, you know that the promo for the Feb. 15 episode promises the "most important news" in the show's history.

Let's break it down, shall we? The ominous announcer voice talks about a "team member's shocking announcement" as Grant Wilson nervously tugs on his waistband. That is followed by Amy Bruni at a table - surrounded by investigators Adam Berry, Britt Griffith, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango - asking if they "think it's bad news or good news" (kudos to Griffith for ever being the actor in the shot with his shifty, knowing eyes). The news likely doesn't involve anyone sitting at that table. The next shot is of Gonsalves tearing up (which is a complete anomaly unto itself) and Tango biting his lip, so that suggests they were shocked, so the news isn't about them. Then we see the team lining up for hugs, with Bruni hugging someone wearing a gray top. Note that Wilson is in a gray North Face fleece. Wilson is heard in voiceover saying, "this is just crazy." The next scene is Hawes and Wilson outside, talking to one another. Wilson is postured defensively (arms crossed) while Hawes is shifting on his feet and positioned almost aggressively as he says, "It is what it is." In a series of quick cuts, we also see a dry-eyed Hawes, a teary-eyed Wilson, more of Gonsalves crying (!) and Griffith saying he feels like he's going to puke.

Based on how the promo is edited, it certainly suggests that Grant Wilson is exiting the show and that Jason Hawes will be sticking around. That seems fairly certain.

The fairly far-out prediction is that Hawes fired Wilson, or that it could be presented to look that way. That would be a shocker, and we're doubtful about that. Plus they wouldn't want to turn Hawes into a bad guy character on the show. But whatever Hawes' role is, he clearly doesn't look happy.

More likely is the dude just wants to spend time with his family after doing the show for more than seven years, and who could blame him? It could also mean something more of a downer involving illness, etc., but it would seem like the promo would be edited with more of a sensitive tone if that were the case (and we certainly hope it's not).

The other outlying answer might involved Berry since there are no reaction shots or soundbites from him, but that would be a large amount of fanfare surrounding his departure if so. Unless he killed a client or something.

...Or maybe they're just bringing back "villain" Brian Harnois.


GiGi said...

A mystery surrounding a mystery... Grant is undeniably the most amiable group member, and I hope he is not leaving the series. I absolutely hope that he and his family are okay (no major illnesses or catastrophes). Who do we call (text?) for "leaks"? Grant, don't go?! Waiting -- is the hardest part... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

It looks more like the news is going to involve litigation with NBC and SciFi pertaining to concept issues from a pitch years ago was just settled in the Ninth-Circuit court. The Supreme Court has denied review of the suit and the award to the plaintiff by the Ninth-Circuit has held. The show may be done... I disagree with the ruling since only 5 of the many claims made by the plaintiff's are actually close to being considered legitimate, and of them 3 involve standard formatting of a television series. The other concepts they claim were stolen have been common practice in our field of research for years.

Of course this is just an educated speculation, but the lawsuit is available per the Freedom of Information Law... It is ludicrous and reads like someone else is whining about not making it big. Confidentiality and Implied-in-fact contracts are not what it's being made out to be, SyFy may just be overreacting as a precaution.

Either way if I'm right, I blame Larry Montz and Daena Smoller --- Check out the Superior Court of the State of California CASE # BC475995