'Ghost Hunters' recap: Dead and Breakfast

L-R: Steve Gonsalves, Britt Griffith, Haily Hawes, Amy Bruni,
Adam Berry, Dave Tango from 'Ghost Hunters'
Halloween Special. Courtesy Syfy 


Location: Thomas House, Red Boiling Springs, Tenn.
History: The Thomas house was built in 1890 by the Cloyd family. Many of the family members perished in the home over the years. The original house burnt down and was rebuilt in 1924.

Claims: The homeowners live in the now bed-and-breakfast and report many strange occurrences. They hear footsteps and whistling, and have seen full body apparitions. The two most frequent apparitions are of an old woman whom the homeowners believe to be Mrs. Cloyd, and of a little girl who they call Sarah.

Investigation: Jason and Grant start on the second floor, and soon began to hear footsteps. As they walked around the area, searching for the source of the noises, they hear very clear and loud whistling. With no explanation on who was making the sound, Grant calls it, “freaking wild."

They then investigated the first floor and tried to call out the spirit of Sarah, coaxing her to come out to play with some toys. A clear voice of a small child then came out from the darkness and it sounded as if she was asking about the toys. Amy and Adam went to Room 16, where claims of a shadow person has been seen moving throughout the area. As they were standing in the room they noticed the bathroom seemed to be getting darker, as if someone was moving around in it. Adam asked for the spirit to knock back, and after Adam’s knock they received a knock back. Amy and Adam then took their turn on the second floor. They decided to whistle in hopes of getting “the whistler” to respond back. Shortly after they stopped whistling they heard two whistles as if it was finishing their tune. Amy laughed, thinking it was Britt and Tango, but after they radioed them, they discovered it was neither.
Amy then went solo, investigating the second floor. She decided to try and communicate with Sarah and went to Room 37, where she is said to hang out the most. She used the flashlights and encouraged Sarah to turn them on and off in response to her questions. She asked if the “whistler” was her friend, and the flashlight quickly lit up for yes. (In one of Amy’s tweets she said that she had an intelligent half-hour conversation using the flashlights.) Steve and Tango tried to debunk some footage they were shown by the homeowner of a person standing in a doorway. As they looked over the area, they noticed stairs by the doorway where an "apparition" was captured. They believed it could possibly have been a regular person who just walked down the steps, giving the illusion that they "disappeared." They then tried to bring out the whistler, but instead heard a moan of child. Britt and Tango then went to Evelyn’s room, where an old woman is said to be seen. Britt notices a shadow move through the room and through a doorway, but nothing was captured on film.  
Findings: TAPS was able to capture the whistling on audio. They were also able to record the voice of the child who was talking about the toys.

Best Moment: The best moment was when Jason and Grant were on the second floor and heard the clear whistling. It was definitely jaw droppingly loud and unbelievably clear. If that didn’t give you chills, you might want to check your pulse.