Larry the Cable Guy captures Bigfoot?

This is a news item that should be surprising but is somehow completely expected. On the Jan. 11, 2012, episode of his show Only in America on the History Channel - where he explores the quirks, eccentricities and, yes, even the foibles of average Americans - Larry The Cable Guy (not his real name) traveled to Alaska to join an unconventional junior high football practice.

Part of the team practice was to hike a mile into the woods and find a dead moose, then chop it up, have a bite and haul the remains back to town. The whistlin', hollerin' and hootin' at the kids from Cable Guy was to be expected, but not the footage of the Alaskan Auburn Bigfoot which some believe was captured in the background.

The Find Bigfoot Facebook page was the first to catch the image of a form walking in the woods of the shoot, and then poking out from behind a tree to almost assess a potential threat to its territory. The FB research team says, "Parker Duvall of Kentucky Bigfoot Hunters called the producer and he said 100% not one of the crew and it was not someone in a suit," so they are stating that there is either a "very good chance that this a Real Alaskan Sasquatch" or someone stalking the TV crew. Here is a 10 minute-and-change (with pretty graphic dismembered moose imagery) breakdown of the footage. Key parts are at the 5:43 and 6:07 timestamps.

This is interesting stuff, and calls to mind the potential creature caught on film in the nature documentary Great North. That one ended up not being anything more than a crew person sneaking into a shot, but with all the footage of nature currently being filmed, it seems likely that, sooner or later, someone is going to inadvertently get some convincing evidence - if there is any evidence to get.

So why not have Bigfoot captured by a redneck entertainer filming in Alaska? Although, before we award Larry The Cable Guy with the cryptozoologist award of the year, let's not forget that Only in America is produced by Pilgrim Studios - the same production company behind paranormal themed shows Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters InternationalMiracle Detectives and The Real Exorcist. Additionally, Cable Guy does refer to Sasquatch at 6:24 of the footage.

Could this be part of a larger publicity stunt to get people talking about The Cable Guy's show or another Bigfoot or paranormal project? If so, it's clearly working.

If you want to see something slightly more unexplained, check out Larry The Cable Guy before he apparently learned cable repair but was still trying to break into stand-up.