Paranormal Pop Comics Feb. 8


The Living Corpse
 and Severed finish off their series with two finales of epic proportions, a bevy of freaks have a whole lot of daddy issues and Frankenstein gets nostalgic in this week’s Paranormal Pop Comic Rundown:

The Living Corpse: Exhumed #6 (of 6)
Written by Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson; Art by Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson

In this final issue of The Living Corpse: Exhumed, there is enough juicy father/son drama to make any disgruntled child crawl under the covers and listen to “Cat’s In The Cradle” on repeat until the battery on their iPod runs low. This jam-packed, 32 page issue is the ultimate showdown of a six part series, so I suggest picking up #1-5 to completely appreciate the heart-wrenching, murderous, bloody pay-off featured in #6.

Severed #7 (of 7) – “Home Is Where The Heart Is”
Image Comics
Written by Scott Snyder and Scott Tuft; Art by Attila Futaki

Everybody likes a little meat every now and then, especially when it’s fresh. In Severed #7, our second finale issue featured this week, one man takes his carnivorous desires to a whole new level when he tricks a desperate boy in search of his father into coming over for dinner …little does he know that he IS dinner. If you like horror and are looking for a new human meat recipe, don’t start here at the end of the series. Pick up issues #1-6 to fully enjoy the thrilling conclusion of this demented meal plan and don’t be surprised if you skip having “fresh meat” for a couple of weeks. 

Frankenstein: Agent of Shade #6
Written by Jeff Lemire; Art by Alberto Ponticelli

While trying to relax on a leisurely boat ride through the Mekong River, Frankenstein and “The Creature Commandos” get to reminiscing about the bygone days of the Vietnam War. Frank starts waxing poetic about previous S.H.A.D.E. Super Operative, now rogue soldier, Dwayne Maillet a.k.a. Colonel Quantam and suddenly a nice day on the water becomes a mission to kill. And, as if the green guy didn’t have enough problems, Lady Frankenstein and sidekick Nina are singlehandedly trying to contain a prison break back at home … and you thought you  were having a bad day.

The Strain #3 (of 12)

Dark Horse
Story by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan; Written by David Lapham; Art by Mike Huddleston

Just in time for flu season comes every hypochondriac’s worst nightmare, The Strain. No worries, this unidentifiable contagion is only just the deadliest, grossest epidemic the world has ever seen. There is certainly no need to panic.  It’s not like some pasty, naked fat guy is terrorizing innocent bystanders on the street with his whip-like talon tongue … wait, what?!     

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Upcoming Releases:
Dominique Laveau: Voodoo Child - March 21st
Written by Selwyn Sefyu Hinds; Art by Denys Cowan and John Floyd

The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans is dead and Dominique Laveau, a Tulane grad student, is the prime suspect. Things are about to get supernatural for this beautiful coed when she discovers that "her entire life has been a lie" when she is "forced to deal with a destiny she could never imagine."