Adele won't sleep in haunted house

If Adele ever wants to give up singing about heartache and break ups, she can now draw inspiration from haunted mansions.

The mega successful 23-year-old singer is singing a soulful tune about a wandering soul on her $11 million, 25-acre home in Sussex, England. Apparently she hired her female chauffeur as a full-time bodyguard and bunkmate at the 10-bedroom joint after hearing strange noises, reports The Sun.

The bodyguard is reportedly going to be making $160 thousand a year for the new duties when, says an anonymous "friend" of Adele's that she is convinced it's haunted and knows its "religious history" as a convent. Adele reportedly told the "friend" that "I'm not rattling around here on my own - It gives me the creeps" and vowed never to spend another night there alone.

Between Adele's haunted mansion and Paula Abdul's cursed pad, we're starting to feel a lot of sympathy for paranormally-afflicted celebs. And you thought just paying your mortgage each month was tough.

(via popcrush)