Paranormal Pop Comics March 14


Is Buffy with baby? Was the Governor of New Mexico really abducted? Do people infected with a deadly virus always have to be naked? If the entire Cobra underground compound blew itself up, wouldn't the world be a better place? These burning questions and more in this week's Paranormal Pop Comics rundown:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9: Freefall #7
Dark Horse
Written by Andrew Chambliss; Art by Georges Jeanty

In this week’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer entitled “On Your Own” Part 2, Buffy is suffering from a case of the preggers. Feeling alienated from her roomies, she has packed up some boxes and decided to move in with Spike where the lack of closet space is the least of Buffy’s complaints in his cockroach infested blimp-mobile. To make matters worse, just as Buffy and Spike were having one of those important life-altering conversations, the Vampire is called away by a 911 from Detective Dowling who has gotten himself cornered in a nest of ferocious “Zompires.” It’s two against fifty as Buffy and Spike take on the whole mob, “staking” bad guys together like old times but it’s not until a rogue Zompire gets the drop on a vulnerable Buffy after the fight that reveals a twist so shocking you better be sitting down when you read it.

Saucer Country #1
Written by Paul Cornell; Art and cover by Ryan Kelly

It’s election season and Governor Arcadia Alvarado, a super sassy democrat and divorcee from New Mexico, is about to announce her candidacy to become President of the United States. As if she didn’t have enough to worry about, right before the biggest moment of her entire political career, Arcadia and her ex-husband go for a long drive to have a little chat and find themselves the unfortunate victims of an alien abduction. After her rendezvous with the naked green guys, the lady governor starts having visions of babies in jars and at one point, she even thinks she sees her abductors watching her in the shower Norman Bates style. But despite the traumatic events of the past few days and the constant nagging from a particularly feisty blonde republican consultant, Arcadia finally takes the stage and delivers an inspiring impromptu speech that ends with the Governor announcing her intentions to run for President. The crowd cheers but instead of some goofy Nixon double peace-sign pose or a George W. bomber jacket salute to celebrate, Arcadia is already halfway down the stairs of the stage warning her staff of an imminent alien invasion.

The Strain #4 (of 12)
Dark Horse
Written by Daniel Lapham; Art by Mike Huddleston

All Dr. Ephraim Goodweather wants to do is take a shower and stop the naked pointy tongue people from infecting his son and the rest of New York City with their yucky, contagious virus. But little does Eph know, there is a new guy in town determined to thwart the good doctor’s efforts who will stop at nothing to carry out his evil plans even if it means allowing a murderous army of pale skin nudists to take over Manhattan. The casualties are piling up and if Eph doesn’t get wise, soon the evil that is afoot will either infect or kill everyone in the entire Tri-State area.

Infestation 2: G.I. Joe #1 (of 2)
Written by Mike Raicht; Art by Valentine De Landro

Once the siren song of the Elder Gods was sung, there was no turning back. Vipers all over Cobra's secret underground facility are ripping through their shirts faster than the Hulk when he gets a little frustrated, the only ones immune to the catchy tune are super ninja Storm Shadow, Crystal Ball the wise Hagrid look alike and a timid man they call the Interrogator…oh yeah, and don’t forget all the nut-jobs locked up in the insane asylum wing also known as Cobra-la. In this twisted tale, it is Cobras vs. Cobras as the monster vipers fight their way to daylight against the insane residents of Cobra-la who, for whatever reason, are immune to the dark tune of the Elder Gods. However, thanks to a well-placed Cobra dinner napkin, the Joes have been alerted and might just be able to team up with the crazy vipers to keep the monsters from being released…just this once.

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