'Cabin in the Woods' recap: what to know after you've seen it

The good people over at io9 spoke with Cabin in the Woods director Drew Goddard to unravel some of the leftover mysteries about the secrets behind the cabin. The result is a very enlightening, very spoilerific interview. So, uh, don't read our rundown about it unless you want the big twists pretty much blown.

In case you still don't get it, HERE THERE BE SPOILER MONSTERS (after the jump) ...

Goddard's revelations on...

The mysterious company: "[As for how you get hired], It's an elaborate process. I think it's almost exactly matches how you get hired for the CIA ...Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford are ... in the middle of corporate management. So sometimes they'll field calls from upstairs and downstairs, it just depends on which one they're taking. When they get a call on the red phone, that's from downstairs. Unlike other corporations this one goes down rather than up in terms of series of importance."

The Company whiteboard
Other monster triggers in the cellar: io9 correctly says the conch shell triggers the Merman. The jewelry box with the dancing ballerina triggers the little girl in the tutu with the giant grinder face. Goddard said, in an interview with The Daily Beast, Chris Hemsworth was mere moments away from unlocking the puzzle box and bringing "forth our Lord of Bondage and Pain." 

Goddard's favorite monster: "We have these two guys called the Dismemberment Goblins. And they're just two happy friends who like to dismember people ... They just delighted me to no end, those little guys running around with these big smiles on their faces, ripping people apart." 

The company pool white board (image lifted from Thiel-a-Vision) : "We knew the whole time, because we set up a lot of the end of the film in the beginning. And it's not just the list, it's what happens in the basement. You can see clues as to where we were heading with this third act. And that required a tremendous amount of preparation with our crew..."