Celebrate Friday the 13th

This is what happens when
Friday the 13th lands right after Easter
While it is a day of bad luck and superstition for much of the world, here at Paranormal Pop Culture, Friday the 13th is a holiday.

To celebrate Friday the 13th, Part Two of 2012 (remember there are three this year: Jan. 13, today and July 13 - all exactly 13 weeks apart), we encourage you to read up on Amanda Poole's history of the cursed day as well as revisitng our interview with the king of Friday the 13th, Jason Voorhees himself, Kane Hodder

Speaking of Voorhees, no Friday the 13th is complete without a visit to its capital, Voorhees Township, NJ. Check out our video below where we visited Voorhees, and asked residents about their take on unlucky number 13 - and what it's like to live in a town that shares its name with a famous movie killer.