'Good Morning America' takes on haunted house lawsuit

Disney's Haunted Mansion in Orlando is not
the rental property in question
(First reported on April 16, 2012)

Any old haunted house story shown in the local news isn't quite our beat, but when that story makes its way to Good Morning America - which overtook the 16-year ratings streak of competitor morning show Today -   it becomes the territory of Paranormal Pop Culture.

The story, as reported by GMA (and the Asbury Park Press), is that a New Jersey couple rented a "haunted house" from their orthodontist landlord and now want out of the lease because he never told them about the spooks. Apparently the majority of the haunting manifests itself in tapping on a TV, taps on a shoulder,  sheets being tugged on and flickering lights. Not exactly bleeding walls and a vortex to hell, but the couple still claims they did record an EVP that said "let it burn."

When the couple brought in the Shore Paranormal Research Society (GMA said they "hired" them), the team caught footage of a bowling pin falling down in the basement. That's right, a bowling pin! How that immediately translates into "residual and paranormal activity" isn't quite clear, however.

UPDATE: NJ.com has reported that the couple, Jose Chinchilla and his fiancee Michele Callan, will appear with the landlord in an episode of The People's Court. Filmed in New York City, the episode could air within a few weeks.