Paranormal Pop Comics May 9


Lonely teenage witch Courtney Crumrin finally finds a new frenemy to pal around with, crackerjack monster killer Dancy Flammarius does a touching Beatles tribute in Alabaster Wolves and Frankenstein is back, alive and terribly moody in a super duper Niles/Wrightson team up that has nerds across the world on their feet with applause, all this and more in this week’s Paranormal Pop Comic Rundown:

Courtney Crumrin #2
Oni Press
Written by and Art by Ted Naifeh

There’s a new witch in town and Courtney Crumrin can’t decide if she’s a friend or foe. No stranger to the dangers of magic and Night Things, Courtney takes the new girl under her wing sharing spells and advice with her like any friend would. But, the budding friendship is quickly quashed when witchy wannabe Holly starts using Courtney’s spells for personal gain. Didn’t this girl ever see Teen Witch or Charmed or Sabrina the Teenage Witch? That is rule #1 is adolescent magic, no personal gain spells, sheesh! After a passive aggressive highschool girl argument, Holly later tries to get back at Courtney by luring her into Goblin Town. But, when her “genius” plan backfires, she gets them both captured for good. Now it’s up to the two girls to decide if they can put their petty differences aside long enough to figure out how to get the heck out of Goblin Town alive.

Alabaster Wolves #2 (of 5)
Written by Caitlin R. Kiernan; Art by Steve Lieber

Dancy is hurt and her wound is starting to fester. With only a bird for help and companionship, our fair skinned heroine rummages through an abandoned drugstore to gather medication for her wound. In search of a safe place to heal, Dancy heads over to the local church despite the warnings to stay away voiced by her snarky feathered friend. Turns out birdy was right and once inside, Dancy is forced to fight for her life against a whole gaggle of wolves and monsters amongst the pews and crosses of the formerly hallowed chapel. While in the throws of battle, the young woman warrior fights to the tune of the popular Beatles song ‘Blackbird’ which is appropriate as Dancy herself has a “broken wing.” Another testament to the artful narrative by Caitlin R. Kiernan, I’m sure John, Paul, George and Ringo would approve.

Frankenstein Alive, Alive! #1
Written by Steve Niles; Art by Bernie Wrightson

Bernie Wrightson and Steve Niles have teamed up to bring back old school Frankenstein’s monster. Not the flat top green guy with bolts in his neck, but the deformed super tall gaunt skeletal monster based on Wrightson’s original illustrations from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in 1983. Bernie’s back and so is Frankie but you’d think that all that time off would have lightened the alienated monster’s mood a little. Nope. Even though we find the big guy in a new line of work, the circus, and surrounded by loving friends, carnies, he still suffers from feelings of shame and abandonment from his creator, Dr. Frankenstein. This comic is moody, introspective and downright poetic…I can’t wait until issue #2!

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