UPDATED Big spoilery reveal about 'Walking Dead' Season 3

AMC has released a new image from The Walking Dead, Season Three, and it's revelatory in a big way. Sure, this isn't news to some diehard followers of the show, but it still deserves the SPOILER warning. If you want to look ahead after the jump, you've been warned ...

Yup, that's everyone favorite one-handed bigot - and brother to Daryl - Merle Dixon (Michael Rooker). Merle will be returning to Walking Dead in Season Three, and will somehow be tied to The Governor (David Morrissey). It looks like ol' Merle has adapted to his missing appendage by going all Trap Jaw.

What do you think of the revelation of Merle's return? Is this a good thing for TWD? How do you think it will affect our favorite redneck jedi Daryl?

UPDATE: AMC has just released this image of Merle, which is far more menacing.