'Resident Evil: Retribution' trailer, fan event

Jovovich and Hoffman.
Photo by Aaron 
Paranormal Pop Culture attended the Resident Evil: Retribution fan event with Milla Jovovich and trailer premiere held at New York's Regal Union Square on June 14.

The event - moderated by  ScreenCrush.com’s Jordan Hoffmanbegan with a 3D scene that had Alice (Jovovich) running down a brightly-lit, glass hallway, while being chased by a dozen zombies.

Wearing a crazy new, tight-fitting outfit, Alice proceeds to distribute some major zombie kills using her Alice-fu, a wicked chain and a handgun. She also manages to continue kicking butt in between unloading her gun, throwing a new clip in the air, and catching the clip. The fight choreography was fast - as well as sped-up and in slow-mo - and involved a lot of blood. In fact, there was some nice brain splatter in 3D.

After the jump, Milla Jovovich spills the beans on some non-spoilery tidbits about Resident Evil: Retribution, directed by her husband Paul W.S. Anderson (whom she met while working on the franchise) and hitting screens on Sept. 14.

As for the trailer itself (embedded below) for the fifth installment of the series, there looks to be epic, globalwide mayhem with a lot of familiar RE characters returning to join in the fun.

  • This is the tenth year of the franchise.
  • Milla Jovovich says the film is not one of those movies where the best parts are in trailer - there's a lot more to come.
  • She and her friend designed her signature costume for Retribution.
  • To satisfy 3D cameras (of which they built smaller ones for this movie), Jovovich had to hit stuntmen for real, instead of faking it.
  • She alludes to other creatures in addition to zombies that decimate world cities, and we see glimpses of these giant beasts in the trailer.
  • Anderson gets some script ideas by playing the new Resident Evil games and jotting down ideas.
  • Anderson is also line producer and makes certain every dollar ends up on screen. "These movies don't cost hundreds of millions of dollars," but they look like they do, says Jovovich.
  • Jovovich has "horrific" zombie dreams. "I wonder why!"
  • Milla Jovovich says she likes the evolution of Alice in the franchise, which has led to her being able to finally smile.
  • The scene that was shown at the event - set in a long lit-up glass hall- required so much glass to build that the film bought up much of the area's glass, and held up construction of a Toronto skyscraper, where the film was set.
  • Costar Michelle Rodriguez is a huge gamer who missed a day of work for an online gaming conference.
  • Jovovich calls the set 'Camp Evil' because it's a fun set to return to.
  • The films are a 'family affair' for her because of Anderson's involvement, and because her daughter plays w/ zombies - and is more afraid of My Little Pony
  • Jovovich says the opening sequence plays backwards.
  • Many major cities, including New York, Moscow and Tokyo are annihilated in the movie.
  • Doesn't sound like this  Resident Evil is the last. She says she asked Anderson about a sixth installment, which he said would be the end "of this iteration" of RE (suggesting she may leave or take a break from the franchise).
  • "Resident Evil will go on with out me, without us"
  • Jovovich can still do a very good Leeloo voice.
  • "Incredible" action sequence at the end of the film with Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory), who "kind of kicks the hell out of me."