What is 'Paranormal Paparazzi'?

Sagers posing mischievously in
the Paranormal Paparazzi newsroom
There has been a lot of chatter on social media about Paranormal Paparazzi after news broke at San Diego Comic-Con, but what is the show really about?

Debuting on the Travel Channel Sept. 28 at 7 p.m., the entertainment news show is hosted by our own Aaron Sagers, a longtime journalist, entertainment writer, and paranormal pop culture researcher.

Executive Produced by Zak Bagans and My Tupelo Entertainment - and co-executive produced by Sagers -  Paranormal Paparazzi will be very new for paranormal fans out there.

Along with Sagers, reporters on the show include author TV personalities Rachel Fine (of Howard TV's Fine Time) and Julie Alexandria (Bloomberg Sports host), Joshua P. Warren, Paranormal Challenge investigator Scott Gruenwald, Branden Wellington and Sona Oganesyan. These reporters will convene in a newsroom where they will present their work to Sagers.

Said Sagers at Comic-Con, Paranormal Paparazzi is "a fast-paced entertainment news show where my team of hand-picked reporters travel the country tracking down bizarre and buzz-worthy stories of paranormal happenings."

He added:
Like my website and my research about paranormal pop culture, these stories go beyond ghosts and include all elements of the paranormal (as well as the horror genre). It’s a big, unexplained world out there and we’re traversing the nation to explore it. While the reporters will be in the field, and you’ll see them investigating the unexpected, it’s not an investigation show. In fact, this is a very fresh approach unlike anything out there. It’s also a heck of a lot of fun - we are seeking leads on new stories and uncovering news aspects to familiar stories ... and we'll talk to a lot of celebs, too.
Here's how the Travel Channel press release describes the show:
The all-new original series Paranormal Paparazzi features eight half-hour episodes, each of which follows Aaron Sagers’ (journalist, pop culture enthusiast, editor-in-chief of the Paranormal Pop Culture blog) hand-picked team of reporters as they travel around the country tracking down the most current, bizarre and unsolved paranormal stories. As Sagers’ team reveals their findings in the fast-paced newsroom, the group reviews and assesses whether or not the stories are bona fide or bogus. Through the lens of each reporter, viewers will travel to New Orleans and experience Will Ferrell’s haunted trailer, a UFO sighting at the Jersey Shore, a teenage exorcism squad in Arizona, a zombie survival camp in New Jersey and more.