'True Blood' recap: 'In The Beginning'

Russ takes the mic, courtesy HBO

This season has been somewhat controversial. Some episodes are chock full of goodness and others, well, they’re a bit lack luster. This episode had a lot of luster. Truebies were treated to one of those "yell at the TV and cringe" experiences that had them remembering the good ol’ days of True Blood.

All Hail Russell and Lilith (or lose your head)!

The title of this episode is “In the Beginning” and we can assume it’s referring to Lilith. We finally get to meet this mother of all vampires but we have to wait until the dizzying end. Speculation that Roman truly died in last week’s episode was cleared up in the first scene. He’s goo ... and look who’s in charge now! Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) has turned over a new leaf. Of course he has. We also learn that Salome was the digger-upper of the very powerful Russell. She saw his location when she followed Eric the night he was buried.

Salome invites Eric and Bill to join them when they drink from the vile that hold the ACTUAL blood of Lilith. No symbolic blood here, no sir! Eric refuses with an understated "Never! You Bible-banging c****!" and Bill wants peace and feels that mainstreaming is the only way. Lilith is merciful though and Salome gives them an open invitation to attend.

The said ceremony shows what little backbone the counsel member have; they have jumped on the Lilith bandwagon. Except of Chancellor Braun. That cost him his head. Hey at least we got to see Reverend Newlin again. You all agree that he’s awesome, right? Good. So to save their noggins, Eric turns to Bill and mentions that we’re vampires, what could drinking vampire blood do to us? They drink and hilarity ensues! As if the French Quarter isn’t wild enough, a group of high vampires on the prowl have made it even more festive ... and deadly.

What is in that Lilith blood? Is it truly magical or has it just gone stale? Well it sure makes a vampire even more brazen and blood-thirsty because in this episode, they’ve given new meaning to “wedding crasher”. This poor bride is belting out some Debbie Boone goodness to her new groom and we’re like, “Uh oh, who the hell is that and what’s going to happen next?”

When Russell appears don’t tell me that you didn’t shriek just a little! Better yet, he’s recognized. This starts a feeding frenzy and the eventual appearance of THE Lilith (Jessica Clark) from a drop of ethereal blood. She appears in all her buck naked splendor. Were you reminded a little of “Queen of the Damned”? Yeah you were. She encourages these already ravenous beasts to feed more by blowing her red breath onto them. As Eric is feeding, his maker, Godric (Allan Hyde) makes a special-guest appearance and encourages him to stop and save Nora. What does this meeeeaaannn?

The other story lines in this episode DID have some more development but took a back-seat to the fabulousness that is Russell Edgington.

Sookie Lights One Up

Sookie wakes up in the faerie club getting some light work done on her. For you see, she is only half-faerie and her magic is depleting. She likes this idea and is happy that she will soon lose her fey powers and become 100% human. Yes her powers have gotten her in trouble but they’ve also saved her ass too.

In a heart-warming brother and sister scene, Jason comforts Sookie and lets her know it’s not her fault that her blood caused her parent’s demise. He always thought it was his fault actually. They embrace and she gives him her bacon.

In the end, Sookie just wants to use up her powers and starts flinging her faerie light into the air. Jason sees it after he confronts Jessica while she’s feeding on a stranger. Oh yeah and when he gets pissed at her when he tastes this dude’s blood, she attacks him and then he shoots her in the head. Just a minor lover’s quarrel ... she’ll heal.

Just Sniffing Around

Sam is determined to find the sup-killers and while Andy is being questioned about the cross-bow murder of the Stake House’s shop owner, Sam sniffs around the back room. Oh yes, and Andy utters the blaspheme heard round the world when referring to having a bad day, "Jesus Tits on Christ!" Wow. Andy later seeks the advice on this case from the former Sheriff Dearborn but he’s too busy hot-tubbing with another woman while his wife is away.

Sam discovers some revealing Obama masks and says that he suspects 5 or 6 men are the culprits. Little does he know that Hoyt has joined in the hatred now too. He also later finds one of them working at the hospital that his lady-love Luna is recovering in. Nice work Sam!

Hoyt feels at home with these guys who have a great disdain for the “lame-stream media” and he also admits that he hates Jessica. What? The group then gets a call from “Dragon” and they find out about Junior’s death by cross-bow. They’re not pleased. Like these hillbillies need an excuse to hate more? Later we see Hoyt don an Obama mask when they go out for some more revenge. He’s just such a mess. He needs his mama and some of her pie.

Leader of the Pack

Blah, this story is only good because of Alcide being shirtless and rolling around during some training session. He’s training to fight current pack leader, J.D. Martha defends J.D.’s honor because he was good to Marcus. She then learns he indeed was doing V along with some other pack leaders. That scum was about to give some to little Emma! Luckily, Martha intercepts. She’s not so bad after all.

Happier Times

So we get to see Arlene and Terry’s wedding video and how cute some of our favorite couples used to be. Lafayette and Jesus were really a nice couple. Too bad Lafayette became possessed and stabbed him. And even Jessica and Hoyt were all lovey-dovey but now he hates her. Arlene tells Holly about the Terry issue with the smoke-monster. Holly actually tries to convince her that there are things out there that we just don’t understand and to stand by Terry.

Speaking of Terry, he just wants to end it all. He’s being taunted by a smoke monster and he’s lost everything good in his life. Patrick talks him out of it by mentioning his kid’s names and that he is sorry that he gave him the order to kill that woman. Terry drops the gun and they have a good cry. Will the smoke monster finally get them and put us ... I mean, them, out of their misery?

Hola? Is anybody home?

Lafayette needs some answers so he pays a visit to Jesus’ crazy relative, that magic man, Don Bartolo. Here was one of those “Don’t go in there!” moments. Well we find out who stole Jesus’ body because his head has become a candle-lit shrine. Don Bartolo discovers LaLa and points a gun at him. He’s angry that he stole his gift and wants it back.

His unborn child will receive the gift but first he needs to cut it out of Lala’s brain. How sad was it to see him tied up with his mouth sewn shut just like Jesus. Unpleasant and upsetting. Luckily, the wife springs up and brutally stabs Don Bartolo before he could kill Lala. No one messes with a gal’s unborn baby! She even undoes some of Lala’s stitches but what next??

Who’s Your Mama Now?

Check out Tara working that pole! Yo go you buff, gorgeous baby vamp, you! When Tara’s mom, the preacher’s wife, walks into Fangtasia, she sure stuck out like a sore thumb. She came to say good-bye to Tara. Not in a very nice way either! “You’re dead to me.” Uh, no kidding! Tara vows that she will see her again.

Pam overhears this exchange and even compliments Tara by saying how good she looks pole dancing. Aww! She also tells Tara that she’s not her mom anymore and that she won’t even remember her in 100 years. Tara needs a mom and grasps onto Pam in desperation. We like this relationship, right?

Great episode. Only a couple of episodes left though. What developments are you hoping to see pan out? Check out the Gotye-inspired? "Somebody That I Used to Know," this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.