'True Blood' recap: 'Somebody That I Used To Know'


Episode 8 of True Blood was the directorial debut of Stephen Moyer. So, fun fact. It was fitting since his character, Bill Compton, did some "evolving." A few touching moments, some comedy thanks to some high vampires, and a creepy blood sucker named Warlow, graced this latest episode.

Sam MerLuna?

Strong emotions can trigger a shifter to ... well, shift, and that is exactly what happened to the weak and injured Luna. She is hell-bent on finding the supe killers and her anger causes her to shift into Sam. Sam Trammell does a great job of playing his usual "Sam Merlotte," but an effeminate version of "Sam" as well. His shifter skills (a threatening cobra tends to work well) eventually gets the man he captured in last episode to confess and provide names of the other supe killers. Luna eventually changes back into herself but not without some unpleasant consequences.

Mmmm ... babies are yummy!

After a fun night of eating brides and babies, the uber-high-on-Lilth’s-blood Authority members bask in the after-glow of their evening. Except for Eric. Did we ever think that Eric would be the level-headed one and Bill would end up all flighty and borderline evil? Bill is convinced they saw Lilith but Eric is not.

In fact, they are ALL convinced they were in the presence of their God ... who’s assets were to the liking of Russell Edgington. They’re craving babies and all excited about moving forward since they’ve had this "sign."

We think Bill may redeem himself when Salome tempts him to feed on a young mother. He even has a touching flashback to when he visits his dying daughter, Sarah (Deborah Puette) and refuses to turn her because "Immortality is a curse." But instead, he refuses to blaspheme Lilith by refusing to drink the human’s blood.

After Eric tries but fails to convince Nora that she’s delusional, the counsel members meet to discuss how to defeat the mainstreamers. Bill comes up with the genius idea to bomb the five TruBlood factories in the US so that all vamps must feed on humans to survive. Do we miss the old Bill or do you like this new "evolved" Bill?

Einstein Was a Faerie?

Sookie is convinced by her brother Jason, to stop using up her faerie powers and that she is not a freak of nature. She just wants to be "normal" but he points out the wonderful things that her powers have contributed to her life. The clincher for Sookie to keep the powers, is that they can possibly help them find the vampire who killed their parents.

Faerie Claude (Gilles Matthey) and his sisters offer Sookie the suggestion of entering a field of rippling energy in order to capture that exact memory and see the vampire during that fateful night. Oh by the way, did you know that Albert Einstein was a halfling just like Sookie? Oh yes!

Sookie, Jason, and some other faeries meet by the bridge where the event happened to form a circle and evoke the ripples. At first, Sookie is sensing her mom and seeing what happened through her eyes but then something shifts. She ends up psychically channeling the murderous vampire, who because of Claudine’s (Lara Pulver) luminous intervention, we discover is named "Marlow".

This is unprecedented and Marlow visits Sookie again, post-shower, to proclaim that "You are mine! Maybe she should have continued with her "normalcy" goal?

"My Milkshake Blood Brings All the Redheads to the Remote House."

Jessica’s bloodlust hasn’t waned, and this time, it gets her kidnapped and silvered in a redneck mansion. The hillbilly supe killers caught her just for Hoyt since she broke his engorged-on-mama’s-pie heart . They’re so kind and generous! Poor Jessica pleads for her life and says that even thought she’s prayed on it, she can’t find love in her cold, dead, heart for Hoyt. A gunshot tricks the simpletons into thinking that Hoyt has killed her but it was just an escape tactic.

Jessica has to stay there because it’s day time but Hoyt goes for help after telling her to f--k off. Love does really hurt. She is later found by Sam, LunaSam and Andy, but Hoyt didn’t send them. Where’s Hoyt? He’s walking down a dark road and potentially getting shot, that’s all.

The Shreveport Olympics

Can we talk about one of the steamiest sex scene since Jason did it on V with that crazy hippie girl, Amy, in season one? It was pretty hot wasn’t it? That Rikki (Kelly Overton) is one lucky girl. And gentleman viewers were probably a little envious too? Growling and long distance throwing was never so sexy.

Alcide is competing against J.D. (Louis Herthum) for Shreveport Pack Master but instead of hunting an animal for the title, they got a human track star to hunt. Alcide backs down to save the boy but J.D. wants to hunt him anyway...just to make it fair. They fight, J.D. kicks some ass, he chases the boy, Alcide intervenes ... Basically, the pack shows up and Martha convinces J.D. not to kill Alcide. Alcide needs to find a new pack though.

V: The Neosporin of Bon Temps

Lafayette is driving home after that horrible ordeal with Don Bartolo. He heals his mangled lips with some V he finds in Jesus’ first aid kit and see then sees him in the passenger seat of his car. It’s actually a very touching scene, wouldn’t you agree?

LaLa needs a soak in the tub and to smoke his troubles away but Holly and Arlene need his help. They want him to convince Terry that the crazy Ifrit curse has been lifted. LaLa is sick of helping without compensation and says he’ll do it for $300.

Terry and Patrick are lured to the home with a fire threat and are treated to a seance. It turns out that the woman Patrick urged Terry to murder, who is named Zaafira (Anna Khaja), enters LaLa. She voices that to lift the curse, Terry must kill Patrick or vice versa. Patrick runs like a scared rabbit.

Sweet Revenge

Remember that one girl in high school that just got under your skin constantly and you fantasized about chaining her up in your basement and feeding off of? Ummm...anyway. Tara encounters an ex-classmate, Tracy (Anastasia Ganias) and Tracy is a horrible racist and berates Tara. Tara gives her a piece of her mind but Pam jumps in when she treats this customer in a rude fashion. As a reward, Pam gives Tracy to Tara as a food slave. How much do you love the Tara/Pam dynamic? Kinda awesome, right?

Sunday is episode 9 and takes from another popular song ... "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." Will Bill keep spiraling downward into the Sanguinist lifestyle? Will Russell get any cooler than he already is? Will Alcide find a new pack and will we get to see his butt again? Who is Marlow and will Sookie begin a love affair with him? Watch HBO this Sunday at 9pm ET/PT for more answers.