'True Blood' recap: 'We’ll Meet Again'

Scott Foley is on a search for a soldier -
and probably a monster. Courtesy HBO

I think Trubies will agree this season is starting to get nice and juicy. Even though the episode offered very little in the way of sexy time, the plotlines are certainly making up for what lacked in that department. We got our fill last week though, right?

So did Tara really “Curl Up and Fry”? Of course not! Pam pushed aside her apathy and came to the rescue of her baby vampire. When Tara argued that she "can’t live like this," Pam commanded her to never try destroying herself again. She even took Tara back to Fangtasia to clean up. Much to Pam’s surprise, Eric and Bill were waiting for her after they were released into the wild to search for Russell Edgington.

Bill and Eric learn about Tara being turned by Pam. Eric is a grandfather! Bill takes Tara aside for a little chat about her new fate, while Eric bullies the hell out of Pam trying to see if she knows anything about Russell’s liberation. Pam is adamant she knows nothing about Russell and expresses that she would die for Eric. She even tells Eric, in anger, that if he is so untrusting of her, that he should “release” her. Bill is confident that Tara is clueless about Russell as well. They go to ground so that, in the morning, they could “cast the net wider” because there’s clearly a leak somewhere.

Hmmm...who would want Russell back in power?

Later in the episode, Eric comes to have a heart-to-heart with Pam. He tells her that searching for Russell is a suicide mission and either Russell with have his and Bill’s head, or the Authority will. Pam wants to help but Eric needs his legacy to live on through Pam. Eric tells her that he has to release her not because he wants to but to protect her. He says the words and they embrace and exchange some really nice sentiments, including the fact that she’s a maker now.

Taking the “maker” title a little more seriously now, Pam wakes Tara so that she could feed on a girl. Tara resists but Pam commands her new baby to eat. Tara savagely drinks from the girl as Pam coaches her and tells her that “this is what you are now” and you’re at the top of the food chain. Not your typical parent-child talk, but ... hey!

Salome and Roman certainly want to know what Nora is hiding and who her Sanguinista allies are. Roman needs to destroy the cancer in their midst and Salome is convinced she could charm the info out of her. The chancellors in the Authority counsel sure get a kick out of Nora “praying” and think that the search for Russell is just a hoax meant to buy time.

Apparently Salome was right about getting the silver-weakened Nora to reveal the name of the infidel who is gathering extremists to bring down the Authority. But, getting the answer means having to threaten the lives of Bill and Eric. Apparently Salome swearing on the blood of Lilith guarantees the boys’ safety. Who the hell is it, though? And, admit it, when you hear Lilith, you think of Frasier Crane’s ex-wife.

Roman is quite paranoid and has had the quarters of his chancellors searched. He waves around a stake that’s been fashioned out of the limb from which Judas Iscariot hung. Who is going to feel Roman’s wrath tonight? Well, that little cast-off from The Omen apparently sent a video to known enemies of him attacking a human! After little Chancellor Drew (Jacob Hopkins) tries to wiggle his way out of the situation, Roman stakes his little heart out. For a child, he sure makes a mess! Bloody faced Roman re-emphasizes that opposition to the Authority’s mission won’t be tolerated. Do you think he made his “point”?

Back in Bon Temps, Alcide just received the Debbie news from Sookie. Lafayette finds out and Sookie makes the case that they just keep digging themselves into a deeper hole. Lafayette is mega-pissed and speaks no truer words that Sookie is the "f***in' Angel of Death." Sookie later runs to her brother Jason’s house to turn herself in but he refuses. He says that he’ll scope out Sheriff Andy in the morning and see how much he knows. She also mentions that Tara is now a vampire. Yes Sookie, you do tend to ruin people’s lives but things always seem to work out for you, don’t they? Then in walks Jessica. Now she knows too...perfect.

After Sookie overhears the nasty thoughts of the patrons and Holly at Merlotte’s, she realizes that everyone is against her yet again. Even Lafayette turns all demon-tastic from his rage and flips out on her car. Sookie’s ride home from work turns a little bumpy and she has to abandon her Christine-like vehicle. The best cure for a day like this is to get drunk off her sweet little faerie ass while listening to the stylings of Rupert Holmes’ "The Pina Colada Song."

So what did Alcide do with the news he received from Sookie? Did you really think Sookie would end up getting in trouble for this fiasco?

Alcide pays a visit to the Pelts and confesses he knows the "truth." He tells them that she’s dead and Marcus the pack master did it when she resisted his advances. He also lies that Marcus got drunk and bragged to Alcide that he killed her and Alcide broke his neck. Well isn’t this a neat little package? Papa Gordon (Steve Rankin) does get upset and attacks Alcide but is restrained by mama Barbara (former girlfriend of The Fonz, Linda Purl). They ask Alcide to leave and all seems resolved.

Alcide then heads over to drunk Sookie’s and lets her know she’s in the clear. She’s grateful, tells him he’s in love with her, they get quite flirty and end up kissing. Outside of her window stands Bill looking on. He stopped by after having a talk with Jessica while they were searching for bugs in his home. She said that Sookie was having a rough few days and he should check on her. Eric stops by too and snarkily says that she looks like she’s recovering nicely. He also says that she could be useful in their search for Russell’s liberator.

In a quick couple of scenes, Sam runs into two of his shifter friends at his bar and they invite him for a "run." After some resistance, Sam agrees that he could use one. When he goes to the meeting place, he finds his buds brutally murdered. They did have a nice spread set up though. Now whomever could have done such a thing?

Back at the police station, Andy is sweet-talking Holly and trying to entice her with his sweet ass. Hey, remember that Judge Clements (Conor O’Farrell) feller that Andy helped out by fixing his speed demon son’s ticket? Well he stops by the station to invite Andy and then Jason to an awesome little place he’s found as a thank you. How nice of him!

Before their outing, Jason and Andy have a talk about the Pelt case. Andy discovers that they got what they came for and are headed back to Mississippi. Andy is suspicious and wants a search done but in swoops Jessica. She glamours Andy into forgetting all about the case. Now they can go out and party when a clear head!

Speaking of clear heads, what’s up with Terry and Patrick (Scott Foley)? Where are they going? It looks like South Dakota and we get a lot more answers as to why Terry has such a nasty case of PTSD. In a fitful dream, we find Terry and his squad mates in Al Anbar, Iraq looking to enjoy a night of drugs and alcohol. What a great idea! They then see an attack on a nearby village and one of the villagers starts harassing them with anti-Bush statements. This gets him killed and the boy’s family is obviously displeased. Hostiles start shooting and several people are killed. Terry drops to his knees in horror and wakes up startled.

Terry and Patrick then find what they’re looking for. It’s a large structure where they find the disturbing artwork of would-be arsonist and former soldier, Brian Eller (Brian Geraghty). The scene ends with Eller pointing at gun at Terry and Patrick. At least we got some answers tonight.

So where and what is this mysterious place the Judge wants to take Andy and Jason? A limo filled with beauties picks them up, they get a hood put over their heads (yeah, that’s not weird at all), and are lead into that mysterious open field. Magically, they fall into a fabulous Burlesque club that puts the Moulin Rouge to shame. There’s highly choreographed dancing. There’s drinking. Andy re-encounters Maurella (Kristina Anapau), the faerie he made love to last season in the woods. He doesn’t care if this is a dream or not. It’s a place that you could look and touch!

Jason is enticed by a beautiful woman ... not surprising. What is surprising is when Jason sees his cousin Hadley (Lindsey Haun) and she reveals that he needs to get Sookie away from the vampires because they’ll end up killing her like they their parents! Wait ... WHAT? The fey that Jason was with quickly shuts Hadley down and when Jason rushes at her to get more answers, he and Andy are promptly thrown out of the club. Instead of a beat down from the bouncers, they’re attacked with faerie light. Quite an ending to an episode filled with lots of revealing information.

Can you believe there have been four episodes already? What do you all think so far? What’s your favorite story line and character this season? Next week’s episode is

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With time running short, Bill and Eric enlist Sookie to probe for clues on Russell’s hiding place. Unable to deal with the demon magic inside him, Lafayette calls out to Jesus’ spirit for help. Patrick Devins (Scott Foley) and Terry are held hostage in the bunker of their Iraq War buddy Brian Eller (Brian Geraghty). Jason wakes to a disturbing dream; Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) gives Tara advice on adjusting to vampire life; Sam visits Luna (Janina Gavankar)with bad news.