Day of the Dead Vader tee back in Hot Topic

Eckstein, Vasquez.
Courtesy Her Universe
Good news, fashionable lady nerds! The Day of the Dead Darth Vader tee from Her Universe is back on the racks in Hot Topics nationwide.

Designed by artist Denise Vasquez, the shirts launched at the clothing retailer last May and sold out pretty quickly before hitting again at Comic-Con last month. A sugar skull Vader (Darth Calavera?) in the artistic "Dia de lost Muertos" style, the black tops feature the inscription "La Fuerza Es Fuerte Con Este" (you can figure it out).

The shirts are incredibly cool, and if there's one downside to them, it's that they aren't made for dudes - yet.

Check out the video below where Her Universe's Ashley Eckstein chats with Vasquez about the inspiration behind the design.

-Aaron Sagers