'Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast' debuts

OK, so it has actually been out for a few days (since Aug. 3), but the location-based augmented-reality video game app for Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast has a new trailer. It is cute, and features a few bored paranormal investigators waiting around for specters to catch.

The game allows you, the ghost buster, to locate and zap ghosts based on your real-time surroundings, utilizing your smartphone's camera. Other paranormal games have done this in the past (Ghostwire, Paranormal Activity: Sanctuary), but without the name recognition of GB.

Now, will the game actually bring the excitement of the movie to your smartphone, or at least hold up to the fun of the 2009 video game (which had the spirit of the movies but with a frustrating targeting/trapping system)? That remains to be seen. So once you download the game, let us know if, indeed, bustin' makes you feel good.

-Aaron Sagers