Olivia Munn's cleavage goes paranormal in new movie

So here's the thing about Olivia Munn: Um, she's got some boobs that happen to be rather well-endowed.

But what if forces outside of nature, or perhaps a mysterious puppeteer of cleavage stole those assets? That's the burning question in this faux trailer for the "busty psychological thriller" Ghost Tits.

The Above Average network's parody video starring Munn, William Daniels (Mr. Feeny to you '90s kids, the voice of KITT to us '80s kids), and Paul W. Downs of Paulilu Mixtape sketch comedy hits all the right notes of thrillers about people who up and disappear, leaving one dude to remember - and appear crazy to the rest of the world. Well, in this case, the guy remembers his girlfriend as being bigger ... up there. What has Munn gotten as a substitute for her boobs? A killer evil eye.

Check it out, and tell me you wouldn't shell out $12 to actually see this.

-Aaron Sagers