Robert Pattinson 'Daily Show' visit great for career

Pattinson and Stewart, Comic-Con 2012
Photo by Aaron Sagers
Awkward, public heartbreak looks good on Robert Pattinson. The Twilight actor visited Jon Stewart's The Daily Show last night in his first interview since it was revealed Kristen Stewart had been stepping out on him with her Snow White director Rupert Sanders. Pattinson was booked to chat about his new flick Cosmopolis, directed by David Cronenberg, but we all knew that would take a back seat to the tabloid chatter.

As soon as R. Patt came out, Stewart paused for a moment before sheepishly asking the actor what he'd been up to. Then the two busted out a couple pints of Ben & Jerry's to commiserate, like "a couple of gals talking."

Stewart joked about the crowds of fans who turned out to see the show's taping with Pattinson, despite the fact that they've booked the president and other dignitaries in the past. He also joked about people tuning into his show for the first time ever to see the interview. 

But if that's true, people weren't given much dirt about the romantic life of Pattinson.

Pattinson never revealed much about the break up, much less trash Kristen. In fact, the only thing he really said was that he was always too cheap to hire a publicist to help script awkard interviews, but now he's reconsidering. He even worked in a cheesy joke about The Daily Show now being called The Twilight Show.

Here's the thing: This was a P.R. win for Pattinson, and he came away looking great. For a guy who has largely been celebrated as an immortal beloved hearthrob by twi-hards, Pattinson managed to be quite human and relatable. He is a dude who has to hold his head up during a crappy time, and he did so by being somewhat goofy and charming without flippantly dismissing his weird situation.

Though I am not suggesting this was somehow orchestrated, it nonetheless introduces the actor to a wider audience at the same time he's eyeing a career beyond the Twilight franchise. In one stroke, he may have convinced those who had dismissed him as the vampire Edward Cullen to re-think of him as the actor Robert Pattinson - and that's precisely what he needs to succeed.

Pattinson had his heart broken, but a whole new audience just might be ready to fall in love with him.

-Aaron Sagers