'True Blood' recap: 'Sunset'

Gimpel's Elder, courtesy HBO

The second to last episode of this season gave us a chance to catch our breaths after the crazy ending. Alcide and Terry - who were absent last week - briefly graced us with their presence, and we spent more time with a naked and bloody goddess in need of a serious bikini waxing. Next week’s episode is sure to bring a huge cliffhanger that will have fans begging for more - most likely.

Run-Around Lilith

Bill’s religious fervor is just getting more and more intense (and annoying). Lilith in all her gory glory pays a visit and tell him that, “Only one can lead us ... I choose you.” Bill actually backs away at first but as the episode progresses, he hears he’s not the only one she’s appearing to. He even kills Chancellor Kibwe when he says that she has chosen him. Salome sees her too. It has been speculated that Lilith is just a hallucination from tainted blood. How does that explain her hand prints on the glass that holds her blood? Or the blood on Bill’s lips? Perhaps they, too. are hallucinations? Maybe Lilith is just Mr. Johnson, the cantankerous groundskeeper, and the Authority is just a bunch of meddling kids keeping him from a secret treasure?

Nora is clearly having second thoughts. Even Salome senses a change in her. Godric’s words are burning through her brain, and based on her expressions and the repetitious "forgive me" during sexy time with her brother Eric, she’s had an awakening that Lilith is a false god. She and Eric plan an escape and during a visit from mainstreaming proponent, General Cavanaugh (Phil Reeves), the plan comes together. The pompous general visits the Authority looking for his ally, Roman. He has some damning video evidence, and spews some hateful words, especially upon learning of Roman’s destruction and the new Sanguinist ideology. Eric kills him and says that he’ll go on a glamouring campaign to prevent the rise-up of humans when they discover that Russell is still alive. Nora goes with him because of connections and during their drive with security, Eric stakes their supervisors and he and Nora fly into the night together. Where to, guys?

Jessica wants to warn Jason about Russell and the vampire uprising, and even offers to turn her love as a means of escaping the Authority’s tight reigns. Wild Bill takes her up on it and sends her off with two security guards to finish the deed. She fake-turns him and Jason takes out the guards. He now knows Russell is on the prowl and after his sister, and he heads off to faerie land to warn her.

Ginger Ail

Tara cleans up the mess that she made when she destroyed Sheriff Elijah Stormer and thinks that’ll be the end of it. Wrong! In a bit of foreshadowing, Pam informs Tara of the Authority and how it regulates pretty much everything that vamps do. She commands Tara to never speak of the death again.

Jessica needs a hiding place from her crazy daddy and begs Pam to take her in. Pam refuses until she finds out that Jess knows the whereabouts of her beloved maker, Eric. Jess then tells Pam and Tara about Bill’s fanatical and cold antic,s and Pam reveals that he is a victim of nest behavior. It occurs when vamps live too closely ... like amped-up cabin fever? We also see that Tara may have a little crush on her maker.

As Tara pours a beer, fiery Rosalyn pops in for a little visit. Elijah was her progeny and she sensed his death. She confronts Tara but since she was commanded to never speak of the death again, Pam takes the fall and confesses to his destruction and she is arrested. Rosalyn also sniffed out Jess too and brings her back to her daddy, Bill.

Do you think Pam will meet the true death for her confessed crime? Will Eric, despite releasing her, risk his life and come back to save his progeny? Can you say cliffhanger in the next episode?

Terminating the Baby Vamps

Oh Alcide, please put your shirt back on, you’re just so out of shape! Some “bonding” while building a silver fence to keep out baby vamps reveals that Alcide’s dad stole money from his pack and that’s why he was kicked out. He’s also a big fan of beer. We find out too that humans are rapidly being turned into vamps and are hungry for some trailer trash. Luckily, dad saves the day while Alcide is fighting off a pack of baby vampires. Aww ... it’s kinda heartwarming!

Love, Exciting and New

Andy is clearly smitten with Holly and even gets a half-assed apology from her boys regarding posting his butt on Facebook. He promises to be good to their mama. He even requests relationship advice from frisky Terry and Arlene. Little does he know that the faerie he shared flesh with a week ago is carrying his child.

Maurella (Kristina Anapau) is positively glowing for a 500 year-old pregnant faerie that looks exactly like Annette Funicello in her Skippy peanut butter days, don’t you agree? She reveals that Andy planted that giant seed in her belly and that he swore by the light to be there for her. Andy tells her about Holly but she says that by not obeying this promise, it means war. Paging Maury Povitch!

Fae DoneAway

Jason vows to protect Sookie from Russell and this Warlow dude that she was sold to over 300 years ago. Maurella was able to read the contract but suggested that for more answers, Sookie should ask the “Elder” faerie (Veronica Mars’ Erica Gimpel). Be warned, though, this faerie works on many frequencies and is really concerned about your stance on pop music.

The Elder needs some Ritalin but does know who Sookie’s ancestor is. He was a handsome landowner who was a creep and apparently, she is entwined with Sookie, Warlow and Johnny Stackhouse. She urges Sookie to hold onto her light and just when she’s about to learn more about Warlow, Jason busts in to inform Sookie that Russell is still alive. This evokes some major fear in the Elder but she urges the faeries that they must fight against him even though it’s a suicide mission. Jason also plans on helping but first we had to listen to him spew some crap about football.

Standing guard at Sookie’s, Jason is quickly overcome by Russell and Steve and made into a "hunk sandwich." Hold the mayo, please ... or don’t! Russell glamours Jason and he leads them to the faerie field. Steve and Russell have a smellgasm and demand Sookie to show herself or else Jason gets ripped apart. The Elder fae emerges from the secret confines of the club and attempts to blast Russell into oblivion with her turbo-charged faerie light. Please. Russell is 3000 years-old and a psychotic genius. She accidentally zaps Steve first, then Jason. Russell drains her and is then able to see the club. He’s quite happy ..."Why thank you so much. I’d love to come to dinner!"

Will Russell eat all the faeries and be able to walk in the light of day? Will we find out the true identity of Lilith? What do you think the cliffhanger will be? Check out the last True Blood of this season, next Sunday on HBO at 9 p.m. ET/PT.