Alcide beware: Werewolf hunting weekend emerges in England

Lon Chaney, Jr. as The Wolf Man
Courtesy Universal
Sure, zombies creep us out. But there are also a lot of runs, obstacle courses and boot camps designed to help us deal with that threat. Heck, just pick up Max Brook's Zombie Survival Guide, and keep an eye on the Zombie Research Society and CDC websites, and you'll be on your way to having loads of knowledge about the undead.

But how about an impending werewolf threat? We get so caught up with the walking dead that we completely forget about the beasts who thrive in moonlight. Do you want to be prepared to battle these cursed creatures? Or maybe you're just particularly annoyed with Team Jacob, Team Alcide and Team Lon Chaney, Jr.?

Enter the forward-thinking folks at Chillisauce who have crafted an overnight Werewolf Hunting Experience that puts you in the midst of a chase with the supernatural predator.

The adventure begins with the info that farmers near the Birmingham countryside have reported "unusual losses of livestock, and missing person reports are flooding the local papers." Also, there were rumors of a special ops team that disappeared in the are two years ago, with only a mangled corpse left behind. So your mission is simple: Take on the werewolf - on his own turf, and try to outwit this fierce, cunning, intelligent predator.

Once the aspiring werewolf hunter arrives, they will be assigned accommodations in military-style bunks, receive a light dinner, and get suited up (and werewolf hunting takes place rain or shine, but you'll get waterproof gear if it's wet). From there, you'll receive a crash course in basic military and weapons training, and will learn how to lay explosive booby traps using pressure pads and trip wires. The mission then begins, and those that survive the initial assaults will have to defend their fortified position from a pack of attacking wolves.

The upside is, if you make it back to camp alive, you can chill out with grub, drinks and a movie after all that running, crawling and killing.

What do you think, are you ready to take out some werewolves?

-Aaron Sagers