'Face Off' recap: 'Supermobile'

Alana & Roy's Fire/Chaos creation, courtesy Syfy

What a perfect setting to learn about tonight's super-cool challenge! The remaining eight contestants walked to the mountain location, Bronson Caves, which is the entrance to the Batcave from the late '60s TV series. They learned the spotlight challenge for tonight's episode was to create an original superhero and a sidekick based around their choice of four vehicles: a Humber Pig (Tommy/Laura); Dodge Charger (Alana/Roy); Tatra T-87 (Jason/Rod); and an AJS motorcycle (Sarah/Derek).

There was not an immunity challenge tonight, so no one was safe from elimination. Jason admitted being concerned about the challenge (foreshadowing)? After choosing their vehicles and taking pictures for inspiration, the teams were treated to a consultation from last season's winner, Rayce Bird. Rayce has been heavy into "conceptual design work" and gave some really great pointers.

Day one

Like in every episode, the first day of the challenge involves setting up the foundation of the model with the sculpting and application phase. Derek is really excited about the challenge and is handling the sidekick to Sarah's superhero. Rod and Alana have a great concept of "Chaos" and "Fire" but Alana notices that Laura's headpiece has a "fire" theme going on too. Instead of causing drama, Alana changes her head piece to something she is much more satisfied with.

Day two

The molding phase of the challenge brings a lot of frustration to the teams, except for Alana who has achieved satisfaction. Finally! Sarah, Tommy and Jason seem to be the most troubled but Rod gets some unheeded advice after Ve does her walk-through.

Ve notices that Rod's face design is similar to his chubby alien that won the first challenge and his zombie Queen of Hearts piece. She encourages him to make the face more aquiline. Does he listen? No. And, Jason ends up picking up the slack when Rod tries to re-sculpt.

Day three

The application phase is always a hectic four hours before the final one hour given for last looks. Tommy's cowl rips and Derek's use of silicone causes heaviness in the model's jaw. Not a lot of drama in this episode either but at least we get to see that Kevin Smith as a guest judge!

The best line in the series ever was from Kevin when he's asked what makes a great superhero: "Kill the parents early on." He's right. Don't you agree?

The characters were pretty cool tonight, but some obviously stood out more, namely, Alana's "Fire" and Roy's "Chaos" team. Jason and Rod's creations didn't convey much at all, let alone a superhero/sidekick feel. Plus, Rod's creation still looked like his others so he pretty much ignored Ve's directions. Derek and Sarah missed the mark as well with their attempt at an Indiana Jones meets Dick Tracy homage.

The judges loved Laura's X-Men-style female superhero but weren't too thrilled with Tommy's "football player put through a meat grinder" sidekick. They just didn't jive but their team ended up safe, along with Alana and Roy.

Ultimately, Alana and Roy prevailed, even garnering super-high praise from Kevin and Glenn. They chose Alana as the winner tonight. Hopefully this will boost her confidence a little? Unfortunately, Jason was sent home packing tonight for his unrealistic paint job, but Kevin fake-hired him so he was honored.

Did you agree with the choices tonight? Should Rod have been eliminated instead for his disregard of Ve's advice? Did Jason really show up at work for Kevin?

Check out next Tuesday's episode that honors the video game Dishonored. You know where: the Syfy channel, 9 p.m. ET!