'Grimm' recap: 'Quill'

A glimpse at the Monromance, courtesy NBC

Opening quote: "Death stood behind him, and said: 'Follow me, the hour of your departure from this world has come.'"

If you're thinking that quote up there means more doom and gloom on Grimm this week, you are so wrong! For me, this was a return to the Grimm of old. A good fun episode with plenty of action. Don't get me wrong, I love doom and gloom. I could be the Eternal Empress of Gloomsville, but I think we need a little fun every wee little while. And what is more fun than a Wesen zombie plague?

So, we start off with an innocent blue collar type sitting in his car minding his own business, when suddenly he is rear-ended by a jerk in a suit. Turns out Mr. Suit is really Mr. Zombie and attacks our innocent victim. He learns his lesson when Mr. Innocent turns out to be a Wesen. A porcupine type of Wesen called a Stangebar. He puffs up and quills the guy. Well, what would you have done? Mr. Zombie runs into a nearby building - thereby requiring the interference of Nick and his newest in-the-know sidekick, Hank. Sgt. Wu and the Grimm team enter the building, where Mr. Zombie attacks them. Turns out Mr. Zombie is a Reinigen, a rat-like Wesen. Hank's response when Nick tells him: "I hate rats." It's okay Hank, he's dead now.

Now, here's an interesting interlude. Captain Renard gets a phone call from a "friend" back in the homeland. A Nuckelavee has been sent to Portland after The Key. Talk is made of "groups" and such. Is there some sort of rebellion in the Royal Family? Is Renard really the Bad Guy we think he is? He has been awfully protective of Nick.

Monroe and Nick have a little chat about Hank, you know, knowing. Monroe is slightly less than thrilled. "Let's have a coming out party! Tell all your friends!" But Monroe gets his when he lets out that Juliette is fishing for info about Nick, who she still doesn't remember. Cue Nick's sad kicked puppy look. Her stroll down Lost Memory Lane isn't going so well. Awkward.

Do you remember Adalind's cat that started this whole mess? It's turned into the Cat From Hell. As in, it is clinging upside down to the ceiling of the Spice Shop. It is possibly loose on the streets of Portland as you read this. Oh well. Who cares about Hell Cats when Monroe shows up with a picnic basket and a goofy grin. The Monromance is in full swing folks! Off to the pretty woods they go. Unfortunately for Monroe, the Stangebar has progressed to full on Wesen zombie and interrupts the proceedings.

Nick has retreated to Aunt Marie's trailer to research, which he seems to do a lot faster than Giles. (You do know Giles, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, right?) Of, course, Giles did have a lot more books to go through. Hmm. Anyway, he and Hank figure out the Wesen zombie plague is really Yellow Plague aka Fluvus Pestilentia. They get it from pigs. Coincidentally, Rat Zombie's wife studies pigs. I totally had a flashback to Contagion. I was almost expecting the Rat Zombie's wife to be Gwyneth Paltrow. She wasn't, though. She was, however, a zombie and attacks poor Sgt. Wu. Poor Wu has to shoot her.

Back at the Spice Shop, Rosalee is getting a little frisky on Monroe. Monroe thinks he's got it made, until he sees that Rosalee got scratched by Mr. Stangebar. Apparently an increased libido is one of the first symptoms. It's hard to be a reformed Blutbad. With Rosalee sick, Monroe commences Potion Making 101 with Hank's help. It must be a pretty simple formula, because Monroe pulls it off pretty easily, saving the Stangebar and Rosalee. I do have to wonder why Monroe didn't get sick. I mean really, Rosalee was all over him ...

In all, we are left with our happy ending. Nick is happy he doesn't have to lie to Hank anymore. And Rosalee and Monroe are snuggling up to continue the Monromance. In direct contrast to Nick and Juliette, who are getting further and further apart. Only time will tell what Juliette makes of the little hints she has had of Nick's secrets. And what's going on with Renard? We have a couple of weeks to ponder the questions, as Grimm is taking a little break and is moving to Fridays, on September 28.

The next episode of Grimm is "The Good Shepherd" airing Friday, Sept. 28 at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.