Ke$ha has haunted hookup with ghost

Courtesy RCA
Although you might expect one who is so fond of glitter to hook up with a member of the Cullen clan, Ke$ha reveals instead it was a ghost she got freaky with.

In an interview with On Air With Ryan Seacrest about her upcoming sophomore album Warrior and the single "Die Young" (embedded below), the pop singer tells the mighty Seacrest her song "Supernatural" was inspired by her haunted hookup.

"It's about experiences with the supernatural ... but in a sexy way." She laughs and continues, "Well, I don't know his name! He was a ghost. It was just like ... I had a couple experiences with the supernatural. I'm very open to it."

She also adds her song "Past Lives" is, not surprisingly, about her own past-life experiences:

"I got hypnotized and went into a past life experience. It was incredibly emotional and was one of the most insane things I've ever experienced ... I've had a few different experiences where I recognize people. I feel like I know them just by looking at them in the eyes for the first time."

Actually, this isn't the first time she's chatted about the paranormal. In 2010, she told WENN she was reluctant to buy a house in case it was haunted.

"I'm kind of living nowhere right now … I don't have a house, but I'm looking for one. I just want to make sure it's not haunted … Almost every night I have some psycho dream of the same ghost, either in my face, strangling me, smacking me, shoving me, or just hanging out."

She then added, however, that she has spent a fair amount of time seeking out locations for her own ghostly encounters:

"I recently drove across the country, staying only in haunted hotels, and I stayed in a haunted whorehouse in San Antonio, and that was the first time I actually got haunted on (sic). One of the reasons I moved out of my house in the Canyon was I knew it was haunted. I was right next door to the Jim Morrison house, and I was kind of drawn to the energy there."

-Aaron Sagers