The Zombie Apocalypse, the Stan Lee way

Courtesy Comikaze
Stan "The Man" Lee may soon be known as Stan "The Walking Dead Man" Lee after this week's Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles.

Joining the zombie craze, the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Course will be a feature at the second Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo on Sept. 15 and 16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The huge, 75,000 square-foot course will test the mettle of the even the fittest of zombie survivalists, or so the health warnings on the site lead you to believe. According to the Comikaze site, participants will be "chased and terrorized" through the obstacle course while they attempt to slide, crawl, and climb their way out. As for those who have always wanted to know what it feels like to be undead, they can satisfy their appetite by signing up to play a zombie and torment the survivors as they navigate the course.

The obstacle course comes on the heels of the immensely popular Run For Your Lives Zombie 5k and Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead Escape at Comic-Con in July. Can we assume that this is going to be a staple at cons now? Have the zombie proms and walks become too mundane? If you'll be at Comikaze and plan on taking part, let us know and send some pics!

In addition to the Zombie Apocalypse course, Comikaze will offer a variety of pop culture events. Among them will be the “con” standards such as exhibitors, panel discussions, and costume and cosplay contests. More notable events include a Quidditch Tournament, Activision Arcade and Stan Lee’s Mega Museum. Just a few of the celebrity attendees include, Elvira, Adam West, Julie Newmar, Felicia Day, Linda Blair, and of course, Stan Lee.

If you think you have what it takes to face the zombies, or maybe you just want to see Stan Lee, check out the Comikaze website at

-Alli Salzman