'Best Worst Movie' director returns for haunt nerd doc 'American Scream'

Courtesy Chiller
As Oct. 31 draws near, you likely put up a couple cob webs around the door, a poseable paper skeleton and one of those bowls with the motion activated monster hand that slaps down when someone reaches for candy. These are the very basic decorating gestures to get into the spirit and welcome in the spirit of Halloween.

And then there are the people who go much, much further - the homemade haunted house nerd. These are the people who treat Halloween as not just a holiday for kids, but as a moment to shine. They are also the focus of the new documentary, The American Scream, premiering on the Chiller network Oct. 28.

The doc follows three eccentric horror fanatics who prepare all year for this spooky time of year - and the families who have to endure their obsession. Relying on the elbow grease of spouses and kids, these haunt nerds assemble a full-blown scare experiences on small budgets and a lot of heart.

The American Scream is a lovingly crafted documentary directed by Best Worst Movie director Michael Stephenson. Just as that film turned its lens on the cult status of Troll 2 - considered to be one of the worst movies ever - by celebrating the screenings and the fans, so, too, does this embrace the quirkiness of amateur haunted house enthusiasts.

Join their obsession by watching The American Scream when it debuts on the Chiller network at 8 p.m. ET on Oct. 28, and follow news on the movie by watching Stephenson's Twitter account at @bestworstmovie.

-Larissa Mrykalo