'Evil Dead' news from New York Comic-Con

Courtesy EW from 'Evil Dead' trailer
In 1981, a low-budget horror film directed by an unknown 22-year-old named Sam Raimi shocked theater goers with its graphic violence and gore. The Evil Dead has since become a cult-classic and has prompted a remake that will involve the eternally-groovy Bruce Campbell as a producer - but his iconic "Ash" is apparently nowhere to be found.

A panel at last weekend's New York Comic Con featured the remake's star, Jane Levy (Suburgatory), director Fede Alvarez and Campbell. And an extended trailer left viewers in shock and awe, and gave a glimpse into just how much and how little of the original film will be a part of the new release. Also, the film will be a straight horror, without the comedic elements the franchise came to be known for.

According to Entertainment Weekly:
"The beats of the film are familiar: A group of young people go into a remote cabin. But the trailer quickly descends into extremely visceral violence. Some of it looks familiar, including the saw-assisted removal of a demonic hand and a frisky tree. Some of it is all new: The trailer ended with one of the female characters cutting into her own mouth with what appeared to be a box cutter. Aesthetic-wise, it looks like they're going for something in the neighborhood of 'an orgy of bloodshed.'"

Over at Ain't It Cool, they report that Campbell said he and Raimi would still be up for an Evil Dead 4 one day, but that it's time to pass the torch for now. He added that it makes more sense, in his opinion, for a female to be the protagonist, and that he worked hard to make certain fans aren't screwed over by the film.

Will The Evil Dead appeal to fans and purists? Will you miss comedic deadites? It's scheduled to be released on April 12, 2013, so you have a little time to think it over.

-Larissa Mrykalo